Dedicated Rebbe Involved in Serious car Accident

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To my dear brothers and friends,

It is with embarrassment that I write this letter to ask assistance from you. But I truly have nowhere to turn except for you, my beloved brothers, and sisters whose compassion and mercy knows no bounds. 

Not long ago, my son died from a rare autoimmune disease. My family and I were in tremendous pain and agony after this incident. Shortly after, my wife and I got into a terrible car accident and needed to pay for massive medical bills. Our physical and emotional pain right now is immense, and we are very devastated by our situation.  Of course, we have no complaints about Hashem. We accept this as a divine decree and we still thank Hashem every day for all the blessings that he showers upon us.


Our accident caused us complications that require extensive and expensive medical treatments to get us back to normal. I am overwhelmed by my heavy financial burden that rests on my shoulders!

Before my accident, I was a rebbe for young children in a Talmud Torah in Eretz Yisrael. My passion in life was always to teach Torah to children and lead them in the path of yashrus and avodas Hashem.


My desire is to recover and return to my holy work and inspire generations to come to follow in the path of Torah, and for my wife to be well again.

I have many recommendations from prominent rabbanim in Eretz Yisrael who know my situation well and could verify my condition. Please open your heart and donate generously. You will be helping me, my wife, and my family to get up on our feet once again. With this zechus, you should merit many sweet years, and no troubles should ever come upon you.

Y. Peretz