Critical Appeal For Oxygen Concentrators In Eretz Yisroel

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COVID-19 is ruthless. Over the past year, we have davened for long lists of people who suffered from the coronavirus it causes. We all have neighbors, friends and family members who have sat shiva for the loss of a parent, sibling or child.

As COVID-19 continues on its relentless path of destruction, we sit at home and wonder what can we do? We daven to Hashem, because our prayers have the power to bring cure and salvation.

On a practical level, we wonder how we can help our sick brethren?

At Lev Malka, we are in the midst of an intensive campaign to purchase life-saving equipment for COVID-19 patients. Oxygen concentrators have proven to be the most effective and practical way to provide oxygen to patients in their own home — and treating patients at home has been proven to save lives.

As soon as we buy new concentrators, they are immediately borrowed for use by coronavirus patients.

We must have enough concentrators to be able to lend one to each and every patient that needs one.

Each concentrator costs $1,000. Our goal is to buy 30 of these lifesaving machines. Help us purchase these concentrators and help our COVID-19 – stricken brethren recuperate from this deadly virus.

Thank you,

With Blessings from Jerusalem,

Rabbi Aron Aberman

Founder & Director

Lev Malka Organization