A Surprising Discovery in Ir David

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As we begin construction on the wine cellar, a surprising and relevant discovery was made by the Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University. An archaeological excavation in Ir David revealed remnants of vanilla in a group of 2,600-year-old amphorae dating back to the days of Bayis Rishon.

The storage rooms that housed the jugs were destroyed during the first Churban in 586 BC, and the shattered pottery was discovered under the structures’ debris. In a study published in the scientific journal Plos One, chemical tests identified organic residue inside the amphorae, clearly indicating wine storage. However, what greatly surprised the researchers were signs of vanilla in the wine – an exotic spice which hadn’t been known to be available before Columbus set sail. Another group of jugs was discovered bearing a seal in the form of a rosette – indicating that these belonged to the stores of Malchus Yehuda. What an incredible find during these weeks of mourning for the Churban…

Living in the Jerusalem Estates complex in the very heart of the city makes these days especially meaningful. Here, one can see the unique beauty of Yerushalayim and its renewal, while a short distance away, the Old City and the Kosel are visible, and one can experience the destruction up close, bringing a deep significance to these days of Bein Hametzarim. May we merit to see the complete redemption with the arrival of Mashiach, speedily in our days.

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