Increase your Earning Potential at Woodmont College 

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Complete your online BS degree in Computer Programming in just 1.5 years! 

If college was not a part of your future plans, it should be. A college degree can only improve your prospects for future financial stability. As rising inflation in the US reaches a 40 year high and prices soar, it has become even more imperative to find a way to increase one’s income potential and earning power. And the reality cannot be discounted: Those with a college degree have more job opportunities and higher income. In fact, 96% of college graduates will out-earn those without a college degree.  

By 2023-26, technology is expected to skyrocket to a $1 trillion industry that employs close to 2 million people. A survey by codingame found that the average US salary for developers was $95,879, with 44% earning $100,000 or more. 

While numerous frum programs have sprouted up over the last 20 years, Woodmont College remains unique as one of the only 100% online colleges for Orthodox Jewish students that offers a BS in Computer Programming fast track degree option. 

Below are six benefits to attending Woodmont College: 

    1. Affordability 

One of the biggest deterrents to attending college is the hefty price tag and the resulting loans. For as little as $11,850, you can earn a BS in Computer Programming at Woodmont College accredited by the DEAC. 

Part of Woodmont’s mission is to support the Orthodox Jewish community to be able to earn a respectable living. By offering low tuition and various scholarship options, we provide students with the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, regardless of their financial status. 

    2. Flexibility 

Choose when, where and how to learn. For those with busy lives—already working or managing a family—our 100% online flexible program gives you the freedom to continue living while still pursuing your degree. 

    3. A Jewish experience

Woodmont College is determined to give you a college experience in the right environment that is both productive and inspiring.

Our coursework, calendar, and environment are tailored to the needs of Orthodox Jewish students. In fact, due to Woodmont’s unique setup as an online Jewish college Woodmont is privately endorsed by leading rabbis and Torah scholars. 

    4. Accredited

Woodmont College is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). 

    5. Staff support

Overwhelmed by your busy life, the thought of attending college may seem daunting and… impossible.  

But the staff at Woodmont College understand your life and can help you navigate the college process so you can succeed in school and beyond. You can easily access the staff via phone, email, and class discussion groups.  

    6. Fast-Track

You can transfer in up to 87 credits, complete the remaining required courses, and earn your BS degree in Computer Programming in just 1.5 years (12 credits per semester)! 

Start thinking about your future 

Woodmont College currently offers degrees in the following areas:  

Woodmont’s leadership specifically chose to provide degrees in computers due to the proven demand for employment in these fields over the next decade. In addition, our programs offer a diverse range of courses covering programming languages, web development, cybersecurity, and database management to give students a broad overview of the technology field and the ability to discover what they are drawn to and where their talents would be best applied.. 

With Woodmont College’s innovative 100% online platform, the question should no longer be—should I apply?  

But rather— 

How do I apply?  

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