Video/Photo Recap- Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K Raises Tremendous Funds To Support Our Struggling Teens And Their Families

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The Nesivos annual Half Marathon & 10K, a highly anticipated event was aimed at supporting teens in and out of Yeshiva/Bais Yaakov who struggle with behavioral, emotional, spiritual or psychological difficulties. The event brought together 100+ runners from throughout the tri-state uniting them with a common goal of raising awareness and funds to promote mental health.

Event Details: The Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K offered two run options for participants: a half marathon (13.1 miles) and a 10K (6.2 miles). The run started at North Lake Park in Lakewood and finished at 1950 Rutgers University Blvd.

Supporting Struggling Teens: The primary objective of the event was to raise awareness about mental health struggles affecting teenagers and their families. By organizing this run, the organizers aimed to destigmatize mental health and provide support for those struggling with it. All proceeds from the event, were dedicated to funding assessments, referrals, case-management and parent support groups, provided by Nesivos, to thousands of families in our communities. 

Community Involvement: The Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K garnered an incredible amount of community support. Local businesses, and individuals came forward to sponsor the event, donate resources, and volunteer their time. Their collective efforts ensured the event’s success and enabled maximum impact in addressing the mental health challenges faced by teens and their families today.

Inspiring Stories: Throughout the event, several inspiring stories emerged, underscoring the significance of supporting mental health. Participants shared their personal journeys and experiences, highlighting the importance of open dialogue, understanding, and empathy. These stories served as a reminder that no one is alone in their struggles and that the community stands together in providing a supportive environment.

Family-Friendly Activities: In addition to the run, the Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K after party featured entertainment, catered cuisine and live music. These activities fostered a sense of community, promoting an inclusive and supportive environment for all attendees.

Impact and Future Initiatives: The Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K made a significant impact in raising awareness about teen mental health. The event’s proceeds allowed for the expansion of mental health programs, counseling services, and educational resources for teenagers and their families in the community. Furthermore, it sparked conversations about mental health, helping to reduce stigma and promote an open dialogue.

Looking ahead, the organizers expressed their commitment to continuing their efforts in supporting mental health. They plan to organize more events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns to sustain the momentum generated by the Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K. By doing so, they hope to build a community where mental health is prioritized and individuals facing challenges can find the necessary support.

Conclusion: The Nesivos Half Marathon & 10K, a remarkable event dedicated to supporting teens and their families struggling with mental health, brought together participants, volunteers, and supporters from throughout the tri-state. By raising awareness, promoting dialogue, and allocating resources to mental health initiatives, the event left a lasting impact on the community

To speak to a licensed professional or to support this cause, reach out: 

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