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AMAZING! Remember Every Daf You Learn with Zichru Daf Simanim (Watch Video)

How are regular lomdei Daf Yomi able to remember over one thousand blatt?

How are thousands of baalei batim around the world able to review up to 90 blatt a day by memory? 

With Zichru Daf Simanim.  

Zichru is the revolutionary Daf memory program, that produces easy to remember Simanim for every Daf.

Three topics from a Daf are chosen, and then they are linked to the “os” of the Daf by means of an easy to remember story and single picture and/or animation. 

Zichru Simanim are easy to learn and combine multiple modalities to produce a powerful, long term memory result. 

Discover the memory power you never knew you had and join the thousands of lomdei Daf Yomi worldwide who now remember what’s on every blatt they’ve learned.

Try Zichru for Kiddushin and finish Seder Nashim on a strong note. Or use it for any of the earlier masechtos in Shas. 

Go to or Download the Zichru App Today.

You’ll be able to:

  • Go through a Masechta by memory, daf by daf
  • Instantly recall which Daf a sugya is on
  • Review tens of blatt while driving to work, walking to shul, or waiting in line

Don’t believe it’s possible? Watch lomdei Daf Yomi be tested on 1,000 blatt. 

How much does Zichru cost?

Zichru is absolutely FREE!

Just go to or download the Zichru App. 

“Zichru is a dream come true. I just chazered all 120 blatt in Pesachim over the course of one single day.” – Rabbi Odom Silverstein, Lakewood

“I started Zichru with Berachos and now know what’s on every daf for over one third of Shas. I review on average 80 blatt a day.” – Mordechai Golombeck, Passaic

“I joined Zichru with Arvei Pesachim and chazer close to three hundred blatt a week. If someone told me a year and a half ago, I could do such a thing, I would have told them they’re crazy.” – Sheya Seidenfeld, Williamsburg

Sign up Today to receive 14 Days of FREE Memory Coaching and see for yourself that you can remember 14 blatt in 14 days.

Just go to or download the Zichru App

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