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Charting a Course for Serious Bnei Torah: Yeshivas Ohel Yakov

One of the most famous interactions in Chazal is the conversation between Rebbi Yosi ben Kisma and the man who offered him a considerable sum of money to move to his city, which was barren of Torah. Rebbi Yosi replied with the words that are timelessly engraved in history “Eini dar ela bimakom Torah.”

Fast forward to 2014, when Yeshivas Ohel Yakov, under the guidance of Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbi Don Blumberg shlit”a, and Rabbi Matisyahu Rokach shlit”a, was established. The Yeshiva chose to plant its presence in a city surrounded by Torah – Monsey, NY. Their goal was to further enhance the community and the environment around them with a yeshiva that is host to serious bnei Torah and talmidei chachamim who represent the future of Klal Yisrael. 

Today, the Yeshiva attracts bochurim from across the globe who light up the beis medrash with the “fiery bren” of their Torah learning. Thus, tomorrow, Tuesday, February 13th, and Wednesday, February 14th, Yeshivas Ohel Yakov is launching its first-ever crowdfunding campaign, accessible at

To ensure the continuity of this vibrant Makom Torah and maintain a consistently elevated standard of learning, the Yeshiva is now reaching out to the community for support. The funds raised will not only help sustain the Yeshiva but also contribute to the broader enrichment of the Monsey community and its surroundings. Every contribution will play a crucial role in perpetuating the legacy of Torah learning in Monsey and beyond. Kindly join in this very significant initiative – one that impacts the next generation of Klal Yisrael, visit or call 845-410-0800.

Yeshivas Ohel Yakov has secured its place in Monsey’s future, we ask you please to secure your place in Ohel Yakov’s future.

To donate, visit or call 845-410-0800.

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