The Aliyah L’Torah Part 7


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Standing with One’s Back to the Sefer Torah

The Mishnah Berurah (69) says one who is standing by the bimah (i.e. for an aliyah, or while reading the haftorah) should be careful not to stand with his back to a sefer Torah being held by someone sitting near the bimah. This is common on Yom Tov when two seforim are taken out, and the person holding the second sefer is sitting directly behind the oleh. Nonetheless, the custom is that one may stand with his back to the sefer Torah(70) since the oleh is standing in the correct place, and the sefer Torah is not in its proper place.(71)

Standing during an Aliyah

In most places, one who receives an aliyah stands in between the ba’al koreh and the gabbai.(72) Only three people are required at the bimah while the laining is taken place (gabbai, oleh, ba’al koreh).(73) However, the custom of many places is for a fourth person to stand on the other side of the ba’al koreh (gabbai sheini).(74)

One is required to stand throughout his aliyah (75) to demonstrate fear of Hashem.(76) A person who is weak or heavy may lean on the bimah.(77) Furthermore, one who is confined to a wheelchair may receive an aliyah while sitting.(78) The one who is laining should also stand.(79) Many times, in order for the ba’al koreh to show the oleh where he is up to, he has to bend over to show the place with the yad. This practice is permitted. (80)

Many say one should not lean on the cover of the bimah because it serves as a tashmish d’kedusha.(81) However, many poskim say the minhag is to be lenient in this regard.(82) For this reason, some say one can place seforim, etc on a bimah.(83)

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