New Co-Working Workspace Opens in Monsey


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Co-working is rapidly becoming the preferred working environment for many businesses and entrepreneurs. By rubbing shoulders with other individuals and ventures, many people find increased networking opportunities, a supportive environment, and partnership potential. The beautiful and modern layouts allow for increased productivity and creativity.

The benefits of a co-working space are becoming more and more apparent to the frum community, and riding that trend is The Suite Corner, a freshly-renovated co-working space just 5 minutes from Monsey and Spring Valley.

Designed with the religious entrepreneur and business in mind, it offers a kosher kitchen and snacks, and the appropriate Jewish atompshere, alongside the usual co-working amenities like conference rooms, printing and scanning services, and high speed wifi throughout.

Members have a variety of options to choose from, from private offices to dedicated desks and open seating areas. The space even offers a virtual mailbox service for businesses who want to have a presence in Monsey, NY. Established by a family business looking to create a family-style working environment, The Suite Corner is the perfect place for you to set up shop and start getting productive.

Learn more and schedule a tour today!