9 Lessons You Won’t Learn In the Classroom


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Education is important, that’s undeniable. However, learning in the classroom isn’t the only place where you should get your education. There’s actually such a thing as ‘street smart’, which means that there are certain things that your teachers at school simply can’t learn you.

These things are life lessons, valuable things that you need to go through life happy and worry-free. Good education gets you places, but important life lessons are the thing that helps you use your traditional classroom education out in the real world.

Speaking of life lessons, here are the nine things everyone should know:

1.  Humanity

At school, you’ll hear of people like Mahatma Gandhi who did their best to make our world a better place. These stories will inform and inspire you, but humanity is actually something you must learn on your own. Is the golden rule, the thing that prevents people from doing bad things to others.

Hopefully, you’ll have good experience in life where people appreciate you and help you. If you do, you’ll experience humanity first hand. But, even if you don’t, being kind, civil, and giving is a rewarding thing on its own. The more you help people, the more you’ll feel the humanity within.


You might not believe in karma or fate, but the reality is – if you do well to people, they’ll be more likely to return the same.

2.  Adapt to Life

Life isn’t always as we want it or expect it to be. This is the case with everyone born on this world. However, some people say that our lives are as happy and good as we make them to be. If you learn to adapt to life and the things it brings you, you’ll be much happier. This is why a student who also works knows how to adapt and handle all his tasks. He’d just pay for essay and keep both his grades and work performance in order.

3.  Find Yourself

We all live under a certain amount of pressure. People expect you to do things, become things, and make things. But, in the middle of all that, the biggest lessons learned in life are the ones that let you find yourself. You’re a unique individual and finding what you need and what you want is step one. Going for those things is step two.

4.  Trust People

People will trick, disappoint, or fail you. That’s inevitable. However, this is no reason to go through life scared. If you don’t trust or love anyone, you will have a hard time going through life. You need people and true relationships can only be built on trust. This is why you must learn to trust people to the best of your abilities. Of course, you must also be smart about it. Not everyone is deserving of this, but everyone’s worth the benefit of the doubt.


5.  Forgiveness

Some people are really harsh on others. These are usually the people who invest too much in relationships and people, and end up being somehow disappointed.

But, life without people around you is no good. You can’t live your life with all that anger within. This is why you must learn to forgive and forget.

6.  Letting Go

Some things are simply not meant to be. People will live your life, things will break and get lost, and your dreams will not always come true. If you try to control everything, you’ll end up being stressed and disappointed. You must learn to let go when things are ready to leave.

7.  Optimism

Pessimism is a common occurrence when you’re somehow disappointed. But, too much of it will get you into a big pool of sadness and frustration. Life can be hard and when it is, it’s hard to remain optimistic. However, optimism is your best tool against stress, unhappiness, and even some serious health problems like depression. Try to practice it as often as possible.

8.  Appreciation

Some people go through life looking for the things they don’t have. They hardly pay attention to the things they do have. If you’re too greedy, you’ll never be happy. Whatever you get, you’ll always want more.

It is usually when we lose the things we have that we understand how important and valuable they were. This is a life lesson everyone learns at one point or another. It’s up to the person how he’ll see life after it. Being grateful about the things you have is what makes life happier and more fulfilling. The glass can either be half full, or half empty.

9.  Tolerance

Not everything in life will be as you expect it to be. Not everyone will do as you want them to, or act as you expect them to. You have to be tolerant because nobody is perfect. Understand that the things you do may be bad for other people, same as you feel about their actions. Be tolerant.

Final Thoughts

Have you learned all these lessons in your life? We all learn them at some point, but the sooner you do, the better. These are the things, the ‘old school’ that get us through life. Classroom education might get you a great career and a future, but it’s life lessons that keep your life happy and fulfilled.