Lakewood – Major car accident


A major car accident just took place on Madison and 11th street.

2 people were taken to Jersey Shore by ambulance, and 2 medivacs are now landing in ShopRite plaza. We will update with more details as they become available.


  1. I was by the chopper scene and i heard(i’m repeating info i heard from people there) there was b’h no yidden injured.i saw them air transfer one injured-the other involved i heard did not make it.They had another chopper waiting to take him but when i left it was still there-people were saying that Hatzolah and many others were still trying to get him out from the front seat where he was pinned.It sounded like that one did not make it.

  2. A frum woman whos car was behind the accident was modertly hurt, however the two other people involved in this accident were not Yidden. it seems as if they both didnt make it, based on the fact that the choppers left empty. Boruch Hashem, nothing worse happened, but its a reminder how carefull you need to be on Madison Ave. in particular, and on the road in general!

  3. i actually witnessed them(as many others did) carry one injured into the first chopper which landed(closer to madison).i don’t know about the second chopper.

  4. I saw the 2 choppers land in Shloimy’s parking lot near Shoprite, and the ambulance arriving with the first passenger. I didn’t wait to see it take off but assume it did. It seemed to take them a very long time to get out the second patient to be airlifted, but they did finally get him out and whisked him away.
    Contrary to what smeel says the hock was that one of the patients airlifted didn’t make it through the night, but I guess who knows?