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Rabbi Grunberger – Thanks for Tefillos & an update

All the many tefilos and tehilim that are being said, the teshuva and personal spiritual growth that is inspired through this ordeal, the tsedakah and many chesed efforts going on all over, are all making an impact without a doubt, B”H.

Tehilla is making progress.  B”H each day is better than the day before and she is responding more to commands.  There are times when she seems to be despondent and a little confused.  I need to remind myself that her improvements are very significant in light of the fact that she has had a traumatic experience that she is still basically unaware of what happened, she has had 2 surgeries on her leg and jaw, and she has a head injury and is in pain.  She is basically breathing on her own but still has a trach which is very uncomfortable for her.  She has developed a slight pneumonia.  Despite all this, she has been responding and doing a little more day by day.

Several Doctors and therapists came to see her over the last several days and she has followed basic instructions.   A second Neurologist came  to evaluate her yesterday and she also followed his commands such as “look here or there”  “hold up 2 fingers” and SHE DID!!!   Thumbs up for YES, thumbs down for NO.  He was more positive and optimistic about her long term prognosis.  He saw the damaged areas on her MRI but no one can say for sure what consequences there could be.  The injured areas can heal, the brain can find other ways to compensate for injured areas without noticing any differences, or one may possibly experience some limitations (lo aleinu).  Based on Tehilla’s progress and the Doctor’s evaluation (I’ll add:  and all the spiritual efforts which propel and give merit for the physical successes and achievements), the general feeling is quite encouraging and positive, B”H.  She could have a complete recovery BE”H, it will take some time.  This is a test of patience which we hope will teach us the value of time and not to take our most valuable gifts for granted. 

Rafael Dovid opened his eyes for the first time yesterday!  He was agitated when the nurses were messing with his lines and medications.  These are all good signs.  I’ve never seen people celebrate over a bowel movement!  Yesterday and the day before, the nurses rejoiced in changing some pretty awful diapers.  He was taken for his first MRI this evening.  The results will be available tomorrow. IM”H it will be positive.

Later this past evening, Dovid’s eyes were 1/2 opened.  He must of been scared not knowing what’s going on around him.  I spoke with him, said Shema with him along with some tehillim.  I think he was aware and slowly coming out of the deep sedation.  The goal is to wean him off the respirator over the next few days.  He will then be further evaluated and start with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.
Our hopes and tefila is that we will see him pull through all the way!  Tefila, Teshuva, Tsedakah, chesed all in his zechus and in the zechus of Tehilla, absolutely makes the difference.  We are davening for a complete recovery and we need to think positive. The future is only known to G-d.  Our job is to continue to pray fervently, introspect and figure out how we can become better people through this (teshuva), to do kindness to others and give tsedakah.  These are the real ingredients for a complete recovery and we hope that HaShem will grant Tehilla bas Bracha, Rafael Dovid ben Bracha a complete healing and recovery along with all the other cholei Yisrael.

Again, Brocha and I thank everyone for their concern, tefilos, chesed, and mesiros nefesh.  Each day is so critical to their healing and developments.  We appreciate all tefilos and efforts on their behalf.
Thank you,
Elazar Grunberger

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  1. Boruch Hashem. May the Ribbono Shel Olam grant your children a Refuah Shleima B’Korov and may all future updates continue to be more & more positive IY”H.

  2. Dear Elozar & Brocha and family,
    Thanks to mutual acquaintances, we have been kept posted on your family’s nisayon, and are davening for Tehilla and Refoel Dovid. May Hashem continue to help you during this trying time, and repay your unwavering faithfulness to him with a refuah shleimah (that’s 100%) for both children. May you be zoche to be repaid over and over in simcha for all of this suffering. Our hearts are with you,
    Dov and Leah Dubovick

  3. Chazak v’Ematz. Wishing your children a speedy refuah shelaima and praying for them in every weekday shemoneh esrai.

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