Israeli lady badly assaulted by three Arabs


The Israeli Police has released for publication that a 20-year-old Israeli woman was kidnapped and repeatedly assaulted by three Arab men last week.

The incident occurred in the northern Israel town of Carmiel last Monday, when the three attackers pulled up to the victim as she was walking along a residential street and forced her into their vehicle.

They then took the woman to a nearby forested area in the vicinity of Tzefas. While one of the Arabs reportedly kept watch, the other two assaulted their victim for several hours.

After being dropped back at the place from which she was kidnapped, the Israeli woman made her way a hospital in neighboring town. According to Israel’s Ynet, she required several operations as a result of the physical abuse.

Because of the violent and sudden nature of the assault, the victim was unable to verifiably identify any of her assailants. Police have asked anyone with information that may assist them in capturing the three men to come forward.