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The Cherems continue…..

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  1. A Chilul HaShem is caused by newspapers and Web sites which display photographs of those who were placed in Cherem (dressed in Charedi clothing) shaking hands with or otherwise participating in meetings with the Iranian Amalek, Ymoch Shmo. The misleading impression these media outlets intend to create is that Torah Jews sympathize — Rachmanah Litzlan — with Sonei Yisrael.
    Accordingly, I respectfully request that the Rabbanim SHLIT”A warn the offending media to cease and desist from such activity; otherwise, they and their newspapers and Web sites will also be placed in Cherem.
    We hope and pray that the Ribono Shel Olam will look favorably upon his faithful Bnei and Bnos Torah and end our suffering soon with the Bias Goel Tzedek BB”A.

  2. to Benuri:
    Their names are all over the news! I believe that TYW didn’t put them on because of reasons such as Loshon hora….

  3. I don’t think the YW is afraid of Loshon Horah with reguard to these “people”

    YW, Please post the names and addresses of these Bihamos.

  4. just to expound on what eggy wegs is saying when you put someone in cherem its a MITZVAH to publicly state their names so that no honors be accorded to them. A Jew shaking hands with almidinejad and stating that the holocaust never existed ; A – isnt jewish in my eyes. there must have been some sort of intermarriage in previous generations ; and B – should be put in cherem, be humiliated and will probably pay for it bylosing his olam habo. traitor!

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