Lakewood: Overturned vehicle


IMG_2866.jpgAt approximately 1:30PM on Wednesday, there was a serious accident on Route 9 and Kennedy Blvd in Lakewood. Hatzolah responded and requested paramedics to respond. B”H there were no serious injuries. (More photos in the YW Photo Album by Photography Plaza)


  1. To Frumamaidel: What is the s in your comment refeering to?? B”H there were no injuries maybe our tefillos are really working!!!

  2. Frumamaidel – Of coarse cars are dangerous, that’s nothing new. But there is something everone can learn from all these overturned cars: EVEN IF YOU ARE IN THE BACK SEAT, PUT ON YOUR SEAT BELT!! Many more lives would be saved if people would follow this advice. The smart person is the one who learns from someone else.