UK: Rabbi wins appeal against Muslim neighbor


A Rabbi who was accused by a Muslim neighbor of allowing too much noise to go on at his Shul has won his appeal against a London council that tried to get him to keep quiet.

Rabbi Moshe Rottenberg from Stamford Hill, north London was accused by his neighbor of making her life a misery due to his Davening in the shul and last year was found guilty of making noise following Hackney Council investigating claims during Yomim Tovim including Purim.

Maryam Hafezji, who moved in a year after Rabbi Rosenberg started his school in 1982 before turning it into a shul said “she could not hear her TV when services were going on as well as not being able to have a conversation in her home without shouting”.

Last year, Hackney Council won an order to fine the Rabbi, but this week he won his battle to overturn the decision.


  1. Was this the only flat available in all of Stamford Hill for Maryam, to live right next door to the rabbi and his congregation. Find some Mosque to live next to…………

  2. Say:

    Would YOU want to live next to a mosque? Of course not, and Maryam Hafetzjihad doesn’t want to either! Reminds me of some of the tunklers here where I live, who prefer Jewish neighbors to their own (and an occasional such darker citizen thanks us by calling the cops on Simchas Torah or Lag Be’Oimer to report noise).

  3. Utterly shocking that the yid won this in the UK. They are bending over backwards to the yishmaelim yemach sh’mom I thought he would lose this one too!