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Levaya of R’ Efrayim Langer Z”L

candle5.gifThe Levaya of R’ Efrayim Langner Z”L who was tragically killed in a car accident while returning from a Chasunah in Montreal will be taking place in Shomrei Hadas Chapels (14th Avenue & 39th Street), at 1:00 pm. His wife is B”H in stable condition at Fletcher Allen Health Center in Burlington, Vermont.

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  1. A very special individual and a wonderful Family.
    A tragedy that should happen to no one.
    May he be zoche to a great place in Gan Eden and may the family YBL”T have the koach to carry on…
    “VHachai Yitein El Liboi”.
    And may we all see “Vihikitzu vraninu shochnei afar”, vhu bsochom. Now.

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