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A Women’s Only Trip Of A Lifetime!


Imagine being told to get to the top of a forty-story building, using only the stairs. It’s an entirely possible feat – but one that requires much sweat, and probably some tears also. Now imagine just as you’ve climbed your first few flights (and are starting to huff and puff), you were suddenly handed an envelope. You curiously open it and inside is golden ticket – an elevator pass that takes you straight up to the top!

There are certain things that figuratively function as a spiritual “golden ticket,” things like saying or doing things are certain points during the year, or davening at the graves of tzaddikim. One tzaddik in particular sits atop a hill in Poland, with a story that has been passed down for generations: The story goes that this spiritual rabbi prepared his soul and prayed for a period of over 21 years intensely that his soul will always be present at his grave. He prayed that it will always be present to help, guide, and assist everyone and anyone who makes the effort to come there to pray.

Therefore, it is considered an extremely auspicious time and place to daven, and thousands of Jews flock to his grave year after year. This is Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, more commonly known by the title of his sefer, the Noam Elimelech. And this year you could be one of the Jews davening atop that hill, at his grave, on his yarhtzeit. This year, YOU could take advantage of this extremely potent spiritual time and place, and surge forward in your connection to Hashem, yourself, and others. This year, YOU can get your spiritual golden ticket – and use it!

Join our women’s group in our Tour of Eastern Europe! The trip will run from March 15th Wednesday until March 21st, Tuesday, and will be full of inspiration, fun, and friends. Visit cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, and Lublin, where you will get to tour museums and Holocaust memorial sites for starters. And of course, get to daven and connect with Jewish spiritual giants, from the Noam Elimelech to Sara Schenirer.
They say there are two ways to make a big change in your life: a series of small steps that add up, or taking a big leap forward. A group of women are coming together to take a big leap forward together in this trip of a lifetime. Will you be joining us?

The tour will include 5-star accommodations, comfortable transport by coach bus, all-meals included (buffet breakfasts, gourmet lunch boxes, and sit-down dinners), a private tour guide, and a special guest speaker for Shabbos. As a plus, we will also be accompanied by the popular and charismatic lecturer, Devorah Sisso Stieglitz. Devorah has earned international acclaim as a growth-oriented motivational Torah educator.

There are limited slots available, so be in touch with us today. You can EMAIL [email protected], CALL 732-994-9545, or VISIT

See you there!

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