El Al flight aborted, evacuated down chutes


According to multiple media sources, an El Al plane en-route to Zurich suddenly filled with smoke as it began to taxi down the runway at Ben Gurion Airport. The pilot quickly aborted the takeoff, & in an orderly fashion, 126 passengers and six crew members were evacuated on the emergency chutes. B”H no one was injured during the incident.Traces of cleaning fluids remaining in an El Al aircraft’s motor after routine maintenance last week were what caused smoke to pour out of the plane’s cockpit.


  1. tek: Hashem is “Erech Apaim” (very patient with anger) – he doesn’t pay back right away. Remember the story with the Chofetz Chaim? where he saw a landlord terribly mistreating an almana tenant of his, and the Chofetz Chaim waited 30 years to see Hashem’s retribution to him.

  2. I read a news article about this online, and I quote:

    “According to an El Al spokesperson: ‘Our preliminary investigation shows the plane’s engines were cleaned over the weekend and apparently some cleaning fluid that was left inside caused the smoke.'”

    Hmmm, sounds like Chillul Shabbos to me …

  3. jdspero:

    1) You said it yourself: “and/or the people involved were Michalel Shabbos” – if this event happened on the weekend (the Israeli weekend is Shabbos), then the people were mechalel Shabbos.

    2) As you know from hashkofa (and as you WELL know if you listen to R. Amnon Yitzhak tapes), children die in order to be mesaken things in previous gilgulim, but not for things in their current lives.

  4. jdspero.
    ‘Like silly Holocaust theories……about assimilation’.
    Those were not silly theories at all. Rabonim concluded that assimilation and integration was the basic danger that brought on the terrible gezairo. It says’ Vavdil eschem min haamim lihiyos li’. Hashem divided us amongst all the nations to serve HIm. When we start ot lose sight of that, THEY, the Goyim will be the ones to remind us.
    There were some who even said if no for the Holocaust , assimilation would have been much much higher today.