Lakewood: 2 men charged in burglary tries


Police arrested two township men for possession of burglary tools after an officer found a torch inside a duffel bag one was carrying, authorities said.Michael Molina, 22, and Harvey Cortes, 20, both of Martin Luther King Drive, were also charged with criminal attempt after their arrest Monday night.

Officer Kelly Zrebiec was on patrol in area of Main Street and Clifton Avenue around 11:30 p.m. when she saw two men walking down the street, and she stopped to ask why they were in the area at that time of night, Sgt. Paul Daly said.

One of the men was holding a duffel bag, and when he put it on the ground, the officer heard a loud metal clanging noise, police said.

Police found a torch inside the bag, Daly said.

Earlier that night, two attempted burglaries at businesses on Second Street were reported, and in both cases, the back doors were burned, as if someone were trying to cut them with a torch, police said.

Both Molina and Cortes were arrested, and both men were sent to the Ocean County Jail, with bail set at $20,000 each.

(Source: APP)


  1. This is when we should learn from the Iranians, if somebody steals, they chop off his hands. That way people think twice before they steal.