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Yerushalayim: Chareidim protest sale of Chometz

Dozens of Chareidim are demonstrating in a various locations in Yerushalayim against the sale of Chometz. A police force has reportedly dispersed the crowd, with no arrests being reported as of this time.

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  1. Why the protest?

    Please don’t tell me that they have some Chumra now, all of a sudden, that Michiras Chometz is no good.

  2. Suss: Use your sechel. They are protesting the selling of chametz ON Pesach. Not the sale of chametz BEFORE Pesach!

  3. You all are right. My bad! My goof.

    Eman, I’ll take the name calling, and Think.. i was not thinking…

    Yasher Koach Yuda and newlawyer for your Midos and diplomacy

    Considering all of the crazy things being demonstated lateley, inculding rock/ egg throwing at the Mayor for not protesting the shame parade, to their satisfaction ……

  4. No, Bugnot.
    I tried to stand correct and say it was my bad, my mistake, but the YW editor did not post my comment, for some reason.

    YW editor, why would you not let a person acknowledge that they made a mistake?

  5. Instead of critizing one persons mistake, why not look at the bigger picture. OUR HOLY land is being polluted with Chometz on Pesach and only a few are protesting..All yidden should be protesting such of desecrating of TORAH Law..We should all pray and ask H”B for forgiveness that such have happened in our times and that we as a Klal have not done enough to bring all yidden to do Teschuva

  6. no he isn’t just understanding it in a true light. & anyway one doesn’t have to think what will or won’t happen – just like one cries when he gets hurt even though it doesn’t help- if something bothers you, you complain even if it won’t help

  7. susshow, don’t feel so bad.
    I thought the same thing when I saw this article’s title.
    עמו אנכי בצרה
    (I guess you and I are super in being don l’kaf zchus – we would NEVER imagine that Israelis dealt with chometz on Pesach …)

  8. I am sure you must have been kidding, cause this is one of the funniest things I have read all day: “When non-frum people see large garbage bins torched, it brings out the pintele yid deep inside them. “

  9. K.D.N. After seeing a picture of an Israeli Cabinet minister (Shalomit Aloni, minister of education – I think) eating at a pita stand on Pesach… the story of the sale of chometz on Pesach is not much of a surprise.

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