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VIDEO: Who Caused The Tension In Beit Shemesh? Watch This, & Decide For Yourselves


A reader submitted the following video via a comment to YWN a short while ago along with  “You decide after watching this clip who is the cause of the tension in Beit Shemesh”.

We did just that, and perhaps you might find it interesting as well. We will let the readers decide for themselves.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on September 6, 2011.

In is interesting to note that YWN published a few videos from the same YouTube user back on September 22, 2011 – just a few days after this video was loaded. YWN had published it along with a letter that was written to YWN by Bill (Zev) Kessler, who is a parent in the Orot Banot school. It should also be noted that the letter was written in regards to an article appearing on YWN titled “Hoodlums Attack At Beit Shemesh’s Orot School” .

Both articles are interesting to read now that the violence has spiraled out of control.

Click HERE to watch this video from a mobile device.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

31 Responses

  1. This is a pretty bad analysis. They didnt provoke anything. They just did this for the video to demonstrate to the world what happens when a regular guy and girl walks down the street. To show from A to Z what happens.

    To Imply they provoked a response is wrong in this case –

    Nice try though

  2. Why did they even stay there?
    If a group of goyim would start yelling or harrasing a
    yid, we just walk away fast and thats it!
    They are ALL looking for the ‘excitement’ there fore all parties are ‘guilty’

  3. I see a bunch of madmen screaming their excuses for heads off. Maybe a twenty amot (according to the Chazon Ish) wall with barbed wire on top should be erected around the neighborhood. Then they would not have to see what they do not want to see and others will not have to hear what they do not want to hear.

  4. now i’m just confused. all this video shows is a bunch of “chareidim” standing around doing nothing. then a woman walks down the street and they start yelling. so what does that prove? that these people obviously have nothing better to do than stand around in the street waiting for women to walk by so they can yell at them.

    I find it very ironic that they think its okay to put themselves in a situation where they will very likely see a woman dressed not to their ‘standards’, and yet make a big show of averting their eyes when such a woman walks by. If you don’t want to see someone immodestly dressed, than don’t stand out on the street! go home! walk away! don’t purposely put urself into a difficult situation! if they were so concerned with shmiras eynaim they wouldnt be hanging out on the street all day for no reason…and by the way, they think its so tznius to be yelling and screaming on the street? tznius is not just for women and its not just in clothing…

    and what does it mean ‘you decide who is the cause of the tension’? does that imply that we are supposed to think that the women are provoking the men? this video only proves even more that the “chareidim” are the ones at fault. if you want to say that because of recent events, people are ‘testing the waters’ (walking down the street dressed immodestly, ‘just to see what happens’), then thats another thing…and another reason that the media should stop feeding this frenzy. these ppl deserve absolutely zero attention, so why do the media (YWN) included, insist on reporting about it every 5 minutes?

  5. Very impressed with these so-called “chareidim”.
    It appears they have nothing to do with their lives but hang out on the street near this girls’ school ready to curse any females that walk by. Real tzadikim!
    Did they ever hear of ‘bitul Torah’???
    Why aren’t they in their kolelim learning, instead of standing on the street being me’vatel z’man and me’chalel HaSh-m???

  6. they’re both as wrong as each other!! she’s staying there on purpose and walked through there to incite them – but u cant incite someone who doesnt want to be incited! have they got nothing better to do with their time then stand at street corners and wait for women to pass by so that they can shout shiksa and pritzus at them?? And who made it their street anyway – why is it their business to educate ppl who dont want to be charedi – if they dont want to look they should close their eyes and walk away, who said they have to educate her why is it their business – because they live there? That’s no excuse!

  7. whats the difference these charedim are still majorly wrong even if ruby bridges had walked into school followed by a video camera… would it make it correct for the charedim to hurl epithats at her over walking down the street they are still bigots there is no room for the jewish people if they have a problem sit in the back of the bus. and go move to uganda this is the world we live in deal with it

  8. yentish…

    I think you misinterpreted their action.
    They are NOT averting their eyes from seeing the women (or the little girls) they are covering their faces so as not to be photographed or videoed!

  9. I see two people walk into a group of charedi to provoke.
    If they were just walking they would continue; but they stayed and the place keep moving the man in the blue shirt back and he came back looking for trouble. Other people are shoving the camera in the face of the charedi. Yelling was doing no go; but the man in the blue shirt should have been arrest for not obey what the officer said. He put his hands on the shoulder of the charedi which is further provocation. The woman just stands in the mist looking for something to happen.

  10. Israel needs a jobs program. If you are arrested by a demonstration you will have to (gasp!) work 40 hours for the next 40 weeks.

  11. All the wrong comments!! The woman was not dressed be’tznius, and they were protesting.
    According to you all liberal-minded, if Menashe ha’Melech was putting an idol in the Beis Ha’Mikdash, and somebody protested, you would all say how dare he protest.
    Ain Od…, your type of learning Torah is supposed to teach people to be complasent about aveiros. This is not toras HaShem.

  12. all of u hating “chriedim”

    he/she knew that this happen to them so y did they go there if not to heat up the chariedim…
    they need to b ashamed of them self…. they will b judged by god for going down there when they knew this will happen

    take this 1 think in mind “if u want to b a Jew u “cant” do waht u want” u need to follow the rule’s and a girl to walk down the street in middle of a bunch of boy’s (beside that she stood there the entire time… what is against “TZNIYES” ) is against the “toira”

  13. Two Comments:
    1) Kudos to the guy in 2:45 lighting up a cigarette and 3:20 and on talking on cell phone. I think the pintele yid when one is m’vatel goes crazy, the only thing that lets the yetzer hara win is when we are doing something that gets to ignore the tachlis (for example Yeshiva World), the more enchanting the better. If a Yid is literally standing around doing absolutely nothing without even a nice chair and doesn’t seem to mind, then there is something terribly wrong. At least if you are on your phone or smoking, it means you have the ratzon for good and you the yetzer hara needs to come up with something for you to do…

    2) How great would it be if the guy wore a football uniform with helmet and caught a pass from the women as the guys started screaming. FUNNIEST THING EVER. The crowd goes wild.

  14. I see the man walking with the women and as they get closer to the chariedim he starts raising his hands up and down like getting ready for a fight. The charidim are at the lunch brake in front of there own yeshiva. Then when they arrive they stop right between them not going anywhere just stay there between them and of course they start to yell. Wile the chariedim were yelling the man was showing with his hand for some more people to come and join them. Till the mishtara (police) made them go away from the chariedim. The chariedim did not go to the chloinim to yell. There was no logical reason for them to go between the chariedim and stop there. For me this act is called provoking and creating tension.

  15. This video has been around for quite a while, and is an example of what is going on, which is that the extremeist agitators stand around waiting until someone comes along and then start hurling insults etc. If this was in NY and the guys standing there were Al Sharpton and a busload of agitiators in front of a girls seminary and then a parent of the school and a Rav walked up in the exact same way, what conclusion would you draw YWN?

  16. a new yorker…

    You do not understand the situation.
    They did not walk there to start with the “chareidim”.
    They walked there because THAT is their daughter’s school!
    The “chareidim” are standing out there DAVKA to curse at the girls and their parents going in and out of the school!

  17. bored213: agree with you 100%

    AinOhdMilvado: I just watched the video again, and I could see how that’s probably true, that they did not want to be photographed/videod. In that case, that just makes my point even stronger. If they believe so strongly that what they are doing is correct, then why would they be ashamed to have it caught on camera?

    That being said, if you watch carefully you’ll notice that the guy in front, that is shouting the loudest (at 0:51), makes no effort to hide his face from the camera, (doesnt cover his face with hands or hat), while he is still averting his eyes and turned away from the woman.

    mdd: nobody ever said the woman was dressed b’tznius, in fact i said specifically that she wasn’t, but that’s beside the point. these men are not protesting. they are yelling ‘shiksa’ to a JEWISH woman. if you want to protest something, at least be accurate. (and have something more intelligent to say than ranting words at passerby).

    mayerfreund: agree that the man shouldn’t have raised his hands-looked like he was going to pick a fight. but the yelling had already started by then, he was reacting, not provoking. and we agree that the man and woman should have kept walking and not stood there for a good two minutes (I mean, if you were walking through a gang in harlem, would you just hang around to see what’s gonna happen? i dont think so..) but who said they’re on a lunch break? where’d you get that from?

  18. Nebach, nebach. There’s no mitzvah to instigate people and to deliberately upset people. The self proclaimed “Rosa Parks” for example who goes on a segregated bus and despite many open seats, specifically sits in the “men’s section” is a provoker and not a hero. This story is a colossal worldwide chilul Hashem and people such as those seen in the above video will have to give a din v’cheshbon on their disgusting, despicable behavior (and I’m NOT talking about the chasidim). Find something better to do then to upset people for no reason than to try to make a point, taking a non tzniusdig woman into a crowd of chasidim, staying there, picking a fight. A complete disgrace. That said, the extremes that some of the chasidim have gone to (if you can believe all the stories in the media) are certainly upsetting and unacceptable. But this video is absolutely telling and an eye opener. Having to the gentlemen in the vidoe’s interview this morning on Nachum Segal’s morning show, I sincerely thought that this man meant well. BOY, do I have a different opinion of him now. Teaches me a big lesson, reminding that there are two sides to every story. May Hashem helps us get out of this mess soon, and hopefully be portrayed in abetter light to the nations of the world. May it happen soon. Real soon.

  19. On what block, in front of what building did this “confrontation” take place? The cameras certainly knew that something would happen on that spot.

  20. It’s hard not to draw a comparison between the guy in the blue shirt who is coming simply to provoke inorder to catch “the picture” etc…. to the European funded groups of palistinian and anti-smites that come to the border and provoke the soldiers inorder to provoke them to violence…

  21. I’m not sure why Yeshiva World posted the video clip or the article it doesnt’t prove anything. It really is a sad reality in klal yisroel, but since YWN asked for reader’s responses, here is my 2 cents.

    They walked down dressed that way the block knowing that they will evoke a resonse, but they wanted to escort the children to school. The problem wasn’t that they walked down the street, the problem is that they STAYED at the site and that caused incitement. They have a right to walk down the street safely, which they could have done without stopping.

    Mitzah Sheini:

    The fact is that whether we like it or not we are in golus today and Eretz yisroel is run by the chilonim. As frum yidden we should be trying to be mekarev people with sweetness rather than being merachek, by being mean. These yidden for th emost part were brought up on this derech and are in no way provoking the charedi community (for the most part). Our frim brethehren must realize that shmiras einayim is their own achrayis, bu standing around in th estreet, they are just causing themselves 1) to possibly be oiver issurim of seeing improper dress, 2) causing themselves to be oiver hamalveh es chaveiro b’rabim (and for that remember it is ain lo chelek b’oloam haba) (in no way can this be considered a macha’ah, if it would be then they would have beem mocheh and gone to Kollel and 3) bitul torah — instead of standing outside screaming like a group of people affiliated with Al Sharpton. The gemara says if the yetzer hara gets a hold of you “moschei hu l”bais medrash. If these guys would go learn torah, then they would not be nicshal in these inyonim.

  22. I daven that both parties appear before a godol or three gedolim, respected by all, and have the situation resolved. Then we have a chance for sholom and hopefully Moshiach might come. Otherwise, our “frum” world ……..Hashem yerchaim!!

  23. Lol,

    I saw a totally different video,

    I saw a bunch of satmar chassidim standing around on the street battuling until someone showed up that they didn’t like and they seemed like he whole thing was an act

  24. yentish…

    The couple was standing there because that is the entrance to their daughter’s school.
    The question is WHY are these “tzadikim” standing around in front of a girl’s school – especially one where the girls dress like ‘shiksas’?!?!

  25. Next time please leave your pet at home. What type of chinuch is that, bringing Little Duggy to big-people situations? Btw, for all those saying that it’s in front of the girls’ school, it doesn’t appear that the girls entered the building.

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