VIDEO: A Rosh Yeshiva Who Speaks Out Against Fanaticism; Says They Need They Arms & Legs Broken



Rabbi Rafael Zar, rosh yeshiva of Ohr David in Ohr Yehuda has spoken out against the violence that is plaguing the frum community. He speaks about the hate campaign against chareidim as well as the violence from inside the frum camp.

Following are excerpts from the rav’s 19-minute address:

Why do you even look at the media? What are you looking for there? There are also chareidim who are problematic. We must break their arms and legs – to break their bones! It is as simple as that.

They are far worse than the chilonim. If I could, not me, Chazal, they would take these evil people and break their bones. They spit on women. What is going on here? I don’t need the media to condemn this. I condemn this behavior in the strongest possible terms!

Every ben Torah must condemn this trash. That is who they are – trash. Do you think someone who does this is a tzaddik? I would like to apprehend one of them doing this. Who knows how this person acts when no one is looking. He is a goy, nothing less, one without midos and without a drop of Yiras Shomayim. Who dare you! Who do you think you are – to offend bnos yisrael? Who do you think you are and who gives you the right?

I am not justifying the actions on either side but this behavior from our own is not acceptable.

All the chilonim are rapists. All the chilonim are thieves and beat their wives. Why, because I saw a chiloni doing this so it applies to all of them. What is going on in the chareidi camp? Why are you falling for this? Every home has a bathroom and so do we, our neshama has a place to discard such unwanted words. We do not have a shortage of losers, some with beards. Pay him money to shave his beard so he does not look like us. Look in Gemara Yuma and see just how severe a chilul Hashem is. You think this is a joke. There is a special place for those who defame Hashem’s hand.

Babi Sali teaches us that people like this will arrive in Heaven and they will be lit ablaze by their beards, and women like this by their wigs.

I want to see one such person committing such an act, against my sister, a chiloni sister who does not dress modestly. I wait to catch one such individual. This is a derech? I assure you if I see him once; he will never do this again.

I will tell you something else. If you are on a bus do not sit next to a woman, but if you are seated and a woman sits next to you, don’t’ get up. Move over a bit. There is no Halacha being broken and you should not get up. Just do not touch her and do not embarrass her. Some get up in protest, making a big deal as they stand. Are you a fool? To embarrass her Chas V’sholom? Look down and not at her. Embarrassing her is the worst.

If she is wearing perfume or it is too hard for you then get up and get off at the next stop. Pay another fare. Yes, pay again, for this is the price not to embarrass bnos yisrael. Did you read Shulchan Aruch? Who gave you permission to act like this? I hate when people do this. We have one Torah which speaks of Darkei Noam! This refers to “Kol” as the posuk says, all, without exceptions.

This generation needs love, politeness, friendliness and that is all that will work. Nothing will be accomplished by force. We must know how to act if we wish to do the correct thing and accomplish something.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I applaud the Rav for calling it as it is, but one must admit that “FANATICS SHOULD HAVE THEIR LIMBS BROKEN” makes for an interesting and amusing soundbite.

  2. #1- I agree, but in context I think it’s obvious he doesn’t mean that literally any more than he means that he’d do it himself.

    But just in general, this video is over a week old. Why is YWN only posting it now?

  3. I’m tiring to understand its ok to break their bones meaning somebody who disrespects woman deserves to have their bones broken as he himself says we must break their arms and legs but On the other hand someone who disrespects Hashem and his Torah were are told we must have tolerance and love towards tehm I’m so confused.

  4. #3

    במסכת יומא (ח, ט), שבה נאמר: “עברות שבין אדם למקום – יום הכפורים מכפר. עברות שבין אדם לחברו – אין יום הכפורים מכפר

  5. How is this mekadesh shaiym Shamayim by telling us to act like animals and break their bones? Mekadesh Shaiym Shamayim doesn’t mean to do what the world thinks we should do I’M sure in the time of Mordchi there were Jews Saying that it’s a Chillil Hashem not to join the party of king was making But Mardchi was Mekdash Hashem by telling them not to mix with the Non Jews even thou it was not the popular thing to say so I don’t under stand how attacking Chridim for standing up for their religious beliefs is a Kidosh Hshashm? (And yes I believe he went about it in a crazy way)

  6. He is missing specfiv concepts of the Torah.

    1. When you see somebody willfully doing some thing wrong, you must physically fight with them.

    2. Using “Spitting” as a form of chastising someone that is doing wrong, comes from the Torah itself, a)The woman Spits at the person who does not want to do Yibbum, b) Hashem told Aharon when Miriam became a Tzorahs, “and if her Father would get upset with her and Spit at her, she would surely be ashamed seven days”.

  7. Sounds like he comes from the wilderness in South Africa.. promoting to break bones and limbs? what’s wrong with this dude?
    Would he say this inflamatory comment against secular chilonim, he would’ve been picked up at midnigjht with his pj’s, like they did with 2 charedim who are suspected of printing a pamphlet disguising the local police chief as a Hitler, this speech is way more incitement by all means.

  8. No. 7 you really have Benin educated on the wrong track. We can make the world a better place but not via your methods. Menchlechkeit and adelkeit will prevail. Any other way is apikorsus.

  9. No. 7 you really have Been educated on the wrong track. We can make the world a better place but not via your methods. Menchlechkeit and adelkeit will prevail. Any other way is apikorsus.

  10. #6 Mordern said…

    “I don’t under stand how attacking Chridim for standing up for their religious beliefs is a Kidosh Hshashm”

    Standing up for their religious beliefs?!?!
    What religion would that be?!?!?
    Spitting and cursing and throwing things at little Jewish girls is NOT part of Yiddishkeit!
    This rav is 100% correct.

  11. Is this another Rav who wants to be a hero by jumping in and sounding fair and rounded and talking tough?
    This is so wrong. Everyone that speaks out, when 1, I repeat 1 girl is spit on, then goes on some tirade about “certain” “extremists”, is as foolish as the media wants us all to be.
    Its understood in the Gemara, that people sometimes argue, sometimes fight, and sometimes things get out of hand. Thats called reality, and is normal. Therefore, in the Gemara in Baba Kamma we read about how the Sages tell us to deal with cases of arguements/fights getting out of hand. Slapping, beard-pulling, kicking, spitting, are all dealt with.
    If this spitting happened, pull the two into Beit Din and any witnesses, and have it out.
    Its very easy for some sheltered, living off in some Beis Midrash types can tell others to act a certain way, when they themselves are immune to reality. We are not angels.
    Now for these ladies in Beit Shemesh. Should we take this rascal to Beit Din who spat on that girl? Okay. Okay. So listen to this. The same Jewish law that deals with getting out of hand and spitting on others, also proscribes lashes for women who violate the regulations of modesty, and who refuse to dress to the very minimum requirements of modesty.
    Dear hero want to be Rabbis of the world, please, just dont. Do us all a favour, and shut up. Be a nobody, its better than be a stupid reckless somebody trying to gain favour points from who?

  12. #3 That is why there is a beis din in heaven, to determine the transgression.

    #7 Now we r starting the spitting club for any averah between man and hashem. Oh gosh the streets will be full of foul saliva.

  13. Outsiders do not know these people and think that they are frum. They are criminals and the only language they understand is violence. The list of wrongs this group has committed is very long, and the main reason they have survived is because any Jew who goes against them finds himself beaten, or his wife and children harassed. Because there is a concept of not being a Moser, they have been getting away with many crimes against other fellow chareidim. Their “mistake” was to start up with the Dati Leumi who counter their every move and brought attention to this matter. The Rav knows exactly who they are-and how they can be stopped-the only way. Most feel that it is too bad they have not been stood up to until now. May their reign of terror finally end.

  14. This Rabbi and the guys Spitting are both wrong! We should follow our Gedolim, listen to what they have to say, go to their shuls and ask, dont expect to hear it on Theyeshivaworld or some other media.