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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Thousands Attend Pre-Dawn Prayer Rally


Over a thousand people gathered by Kikar Shabbos in Jerusalem to participate in a pre-dawn prayer rally following a decision by the Israeli government to draft orthodox men into the army. Bus loads of people arrived from Bnei Brak as well as Ashdod to show their support. HaRav Tuvia Weiss, Gaavad of the Eida HaCharedis and HaRav Shmuel Auerbach were among the rabbonim present at the event.

Full report was published earlier today by YWN Israel.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE to see the photos.

Credits: Yitzchok Russek – Kuvien Images –

Click HERE to watch this video on a mobile device.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. Shas Party Chairman Eli Yishai, who has already expressed harsh criticism of attempts to find an alternative to the Tal Law, has now characterized efforts to draft the Ultra-Orthodox as “bloodshed, incest, and idolatry” – three acts expressly forbidden by Judaism.

  2. YWN can censor as you wish…but I don’t see how anyone can reasonably support the two-pronged agenda that says “I” expect and will take the public’s tax dollars to support my lifestyle, my Mosdos and my daily sustenance…and at the same time I owe no allegiance to the State and I hold it to be an outrage if I am expected to share the hishtadlos of military service to defend the state.

    Doesn’t even sound good when you say it fast…and makes the Chareidim, who would have us believe that each and every one of them is a Talmud Chochem worthy of community support, the butt of ridicule. A self-centered, selfish shanda of major proportions.

  3. Who are your news articles catered to? The “Yeshiva World” or something else?

    “pre dawn prayers” We call it Tefillos.

    “Orthodox men” Better yet Yeshiva Bochurim.

    Shame on you

  4. How would the choosing of the elite go? Or is it to be totally random?
    While I agree that it is a chilul Hashem to take from the state and not give back,I am concerned that when 10% of boys will be allowed to learn, there would be fierce competition to get that allowance and may cause more fractious infighting,chalila.

  5. By learning Torah they are “giving back”; they’re contributing more to the country than anybody else, and it’s a chutzpah to demand more. (That is, the ones who are actually learning; the ones who are faking should be sent to the army.)

  6. Cut the nonsense Milhouse – your position is like saying soldiers don’t have to daven or learn because of their military service…all Yidden need to do both.

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