WATCH: Eating And Drinking In Public – A Halachic Analysis


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  1. to see a rosh yeshiva eating a hot dog in the street would not pas.however if he went out to a picnic were everybody eats at a table what is wrong? do you want him to declare a tanis? in addition do we average people have to be that concerned with the kovod that we may want to say that someone who eats in the market place where he may be working has to fast? also i cannot see what such eating would cause a person to lie in a beis bin which aveira would be significantly worse. than having a fast bite or drink.

  2. What was not addressed and should have been spoken about is the difference between the shuk THEN and outside cafes TODAY.

    In the time of the gemora, people ate in their homes unless they were outside working or traveling and the shuk was a place of buying and selling. Today, many people (especially in Israel) enjoy eating out in a outdoor cafe and it is considered proper.

    The gemora was NOT talking about a talmid chochem, it was talking about a plain person. Perhaps then plain people did not walk around with food in their mouth eating like dogs who drag their food as they walk. Today many people buy a muffin or such and eat it as they walk and shop and it is not considered disgusting.

    The rabbi should have addressed these points since these are relevant to today. Haval, that he browsed over the important points and gave us a bag of air instead….

  3. I couldn’t see the video because my filter blocked it but there is a few misconceptions when people talk about eating in the market place 1. It’s not asur it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to be a kosher ad or can’t be like a dog
    2.tosfes on the Gemara that says one who eats….like a dog says clearly that is only for bread