Video Of Interest: MBD & Friends, Chai Lifeline Canada Join Forces For Sick Children


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  1. what a special boy! more than anyone there and it was all so uplifting; you can see that inspite of the pain he’s suffering which is so visible on him; he sings songs that praise hkb”h, he still begs hakadosh baruch hu for yeshuos and refuos and sings songs of shema yisroel. He proves how by yidden when the neshama is so strong and bright that is life. you see this young weak boy so strong and so connected! May hkb”h grant him a refua shleima bekarov! and as usual kol hakavod to Chai Lifeline; noone like them.

  2. This was absolutely amazing and totally uplifting. Wishing Avi and all Cholei Yisroel a refua shleima bekarov.
    What a zechus all the people involved share in this huge mitzva. How wonderful would it be to have all the entertainers return for Avi’s seudas hodoa, iy”h. May we be zoiche bezras Hashem to the geula shleima bimhayra b’yamaynu.