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Video of Interest: The Substance of Hasidic Style

5 Responses

  1. Why exactly do these people need to confide all this stuff? And for whom is all this touching sincerity intended? Narisheh Gumbehlech. This won’t win you friends or respect among the Umos… Nothing ever has, excepting, perhaps a good zetz in kop. That they do respect.

  2. very moving video. well done. I especially enjoyed seeing the chemistry between the Hechts. I think this is a major kiddush Hashem..Thank you.

  3. raboisai, ich bet mechila, but first of all this video shows woman dancing, in our world that is unacceptable.
    number 2 I am not a Chabadzker and after watching this I have a really bad taste for Chabad, completely not Unzere Hashkafa. The points made were true but not in the right oifen im sorry this video does not deserve to be on any blog considering itself frum.

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