Video Of Interest: MK Lipman Wraps Up His First Year In Knesset (Hebrew With Subtitles)



  1. Why is giving people the choice to work make him a rashah?

    The fact that the rabbonim in EY don’t like the change, is not his problem he is giving the charadim in EY the couice to live as we charadim do in the USA.

    And if you think that he can’t follow his convictions and his more liberal rabbonim, and must follow the hardline charadi rabbonim of YE, how are you on the internet?!? The EY rabonim said it is not allowed yet here we are, because our lifestyle and our more relatively liberal rabbonim say with a filter it is ok.

  2. Dovy, you say animals need more compassion than humans? Didn’t the Nazi’s say the same thing?
    This and that “one” Rabbi thing, are your “great” accomplishments?

    What a loser. You should of stuck to your street sweeping job.

  3. He’s a “liberal amiti”. That certainly is not something to boast about. We must have more “compassion for animals”. The man is a total embarrassment!

  4. Has Gafne or other UTJ ministers ever come out with a review of their progress in the Knesset or do they take their votes for granted?