Watch: New Documentary Shows how Missionaries Seek out Frum Jews


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  1. Disgusting. They worship the son of a woman who was married when she conceived by an ‘angel’. They expect people to follow. What a horrible religion. I bet they don’t tell the ‘converts’ how many of their brothers and sisters they killed and tortured through the ages. Muslim=peace, Christianity=love. Chazal tell us that it’s a testament to HKBH’s greatness that He keeps from destroying them here and now.

    Moshiach where are you already???

  2. “We need to combat this threat ASAP.”

    Then support places like BJX, Outreach Judaism and Rabbi Singer, Jews for Judaism and similar groups. Volunteer your time at a counter missionary event (dont do it yourself though, do it under the guidance of experienced anti missionaries). Moaning about it online does nothing.