WATCH: Charedi Male Stabbed By Arab At Kikar Safra – Mayor Nir Barakat Helped Apprehend Terrorist


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Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barakat, stated “We were driving in a vehicle near Kikar Safra when my team saw the terrorist with a knife at the scene. I jump out with the guard from the vehicle. The security agent pulled his gun and together, we apprehended the terrorist an held him until police arrived”.


  1. “Hands on Mayor”. Kol Hakavod.
    If you ask the Lurch or Susan YouTube Rice, it must be because some evil Jew who lives in Jerusalem extended his porch without getting permission first from the Kenyan. “They had it coming”.

  2. If they saw him stab someone and try to kill a Jew, why didn’t they shoot him?? They certainly had grounds to kill an arab (that turns out to be in Israel illegally) that is trying to kill Israelis. They’ll put him in jail and release him shortly when they release all those arabs for whatever dumb reason.