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WATCH: UK Prime Minister David Cameron Regarding Upcoming Neo-Nazi Demonstration In Golders Green

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  1. Marching on calendar date of Shiva Ossr b’Tammuz is ominous to say the least; Britain already experience a bad July 4th on Shivo Ossor b’Tammuz 1776 when they lost their American Colony.

  2. Golders Green/Finchley voted for a .. in the recent election

    The claim in heaven is frightful

    consequences are r”l bound to be coming

  3. What’s the Issue of voting for a .. – he’s anyways a goy.

    Furthermore, the candidate standing for the other party was Jewish – and Pirkei Avos states that Jews have no place in Politics.

    So what are u saying?

  4. For a purely secular elementary level scope:

    Adam Garfinkle, editor of The American Interest, wrote, “I don’t know of any great power in history that lost its foothold or decayed because of external reasons; internal social dysfunction was to blame.

    A Russian defector in the 80′s wrote that Russia was/is been pouring in tens of millions $ into
    western organizations of perverts,deviants,etc.,all in order to weaken the traditional family socio/structure

    (and that the intangible basis for the eventual U.S. superiority in the Cold War was family life which communism trampled).

  5. mishkav zachar is assur for a goy, voting for him was a chillul hashem, and any gay vote he does is fully atributed to the reshayim who voted for him

    Many rabbanim were members of parliaments in goyish countries
    R shimshon Refoel Hirsch, R Meir Shapiro, Abraham Tzvi Perlmutter, Yehuda Leib Tsirelson etc.

  6. #3

    The Torah, namely, both the Written Law (Bible), and the Oral Law (including the Talmud and Midrash), given by the Creator at Mt. Sinai over 3300 years ago, unequivocally prohibits the most severe terms (e.g. Lev. 20:13).

    The prohibition against .. applies to all of Mankind, as part of the universal moral code known as the Seven Noahide Laws.

    There is an additional prohibition of .. “marriage.” In general, the prohibition of recognizing such unions as “marriages” was historically adhered to by the nations of the world (Talmud Chullin 92).

    The flaunting of the prohibition of .. “marriages” triggered the destruction of human civilization, by the Great Flood, in the epoch of Noach (Midrash Rabbah Ber.26:5/9, on Genesis 6:2).

  7. #3
    If there is a kosher candidate opposing an anti-Torah candidate, then merely abstaining from

    supporting the kosher alternative would almost always constitute a C”H, albeit passively committed (shaiv ve’al ta’aseh). Often, remaining passive

    projects the misimpression that Jews do not care about Torah values.

    The goyim DO notice,

    even if you bury your head in the sand

    (just as they did in ’30s, which caused millions more to support/join the anti semites)

  8. Chazal exhort us (Shabbos 54a): Whoever can protest, and fails
    to do so, is held culpable for those sins committed.

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