SHOCK: NY Lawmaker Questions Legitimacy of Orthodox Jewish Voters


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A majority of the 9 Board members of the East Ramapo Central School District in Rockland County, NY, are Orthodox Jewish. They recently won re-election in a landslide, but sitting NY Assembly Member Ellen C. Jaffee used her time on the floor of the New York State Assembly to unfoundedly question the legitimacy of the voters who elected the board. The shocking claim was made during a debate of Ms. Jaffee’s bill to impose an un-American “monitor” with veto power over East Ramapo.


  1. How is it shocking that a secular Jews questions the legitimacy of Orthodox Jews in any capacity? From their perspective, we are off the derekh deviants who follow a religion we made up that deviates from the true Judaism of left-wing political correctness. To most secular Jews, our existence in shocking. Fortunately, America has only a few million hiloni Jews, and a few hundred million genuine goyim, which is why we are fairly safe. In a country with hiloni Jews in charge, we’ld be in big trouble.

  2. Can you just imagine if an assembly member made that comment about blacks?! Questioning if the blacks who voted for Obama were legitimate???

    Oh G-d! The world would end as we know it! Round the clock updates. Every major channel would have their exclusive reporter. Live reporting from outside her office. Riots in the streets. Obama would personally call for her arrest.
    But alas. She’s a female DEMOCRAT and the people she offended were Jews, so NOTHING will happen. Everything is fine.

  3. SHE is Correct,albeit very differently from what she is propounding

    The primary purpose of a legislator is not to serve as a gabbai tzedaka (charity-distributor) – but to legislate; to make laws that uphold basic

    moral standards and protect the innocent from harm (see Avos 3:2). Funding programs for the disadvantaged and providing financial assistance for

    struggling families – laudable goals – must never replace the primary function of the legislator, particularly since legislation, unlike funding, cannot be

    performed by anyone other than the legislators. By voting for legislators who fail in their primary role – legislating – merely because of their positions

    on financial matters, one aids the devastation of society.

    The C”H is amplified qualitatively where the Orthodox vote could have elected the kosher candidate but did not, either by staying home,

    or, worse, by virtue of a % of Jews voting for the un-kosher candidate.

  4. She’s sort of right some of us are simply bought out no matter how mushcasdig the person buying us are it’s disgraceful

  5. ‘impose an un-American “monitor” with veto power over East Ramapo.’

    It is anything but un-American. Education is a state function and the state could even dissolve the school board completely. This has been done numerous times in other states. For example, Newark, NJ has had its schools run by the state of NJ for two decades. Pennsylvania took over the Philadelphia schools. Louisiana runs New Orleans’ schools.

    And you can go back further: Virginia abolished the elected school board in Arlington County, VA in the 1950s because the school board was going to comply the the Supreme Court decision ordering schools to be integrated.

    One can argue that a state monitor or even takeover is an unwise decision, but it certainly isn’t un-American as it has happened numerous times elsewhere in the US.

  6. Attention Frum Voters:

    Keep voting for DemocRats and this is what you will get.

    You think that by voting for DemocRats you will get more social programs? More money for our Yeshivas? More money for kashrus programs?

    You will get more hatred for frum Yidden. You will get more left wing looney liberals. And you will get what you deserve for your stupid vote.

    How are you enjoying your “Hopey, Changey” president who you voted for?

    Yidden, Wake Up! Stop supporting those who hate us.