WATCH: Man Scales Building To Remove Palestinian Flag Hanging On Meah Shearim Apartment Building


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  1. 99.9% (or more) of us only identify and would WISH to do the same… but IT’S HASHEM’S WORLD, messing with someone else’s property remains assur even if the guy’s a rasha (or misgiuded, or psychotic, or wrong, or different or Palestinian, or…)

  2. Question for #3: I agree that placing such a flag is abominable, I was wondering if you would also smash the windows of collaborationist leftists who give encouragement and succor to the palestinian murderers? Or is such zeal reserved only for neturei karta?

  3. Hanging a Palestinian flag maybe in bad taste but Geneivah is forbidden in the Torah, so I wonder who will be punished more in the world to come.

  4. In addition to endangering his life, this young man is also endangering the lives of all the Yidens….if this video gets to their hands, what do you think their reaction will be??????

    If he chose to do this act and be filmed, at least wear secular clothing and a baseball cap as to not put the chareidi community in danger. I don’t disagree with the act – I disagree entirely with how he is dressed doing it and disagree with YWN for posting it – this is not the time to flare up more anger.

  5. Number 11. do you think that making nice will accomplish anything and mollify these animals?. Do you think this will incite them more? Don’t be so naïve. Jeremiah said the your destroyers will come from your midst. The Neturei Karta are these people and we should distance ourselves from them and anything having to do with them

  6. Chill out! it was only one story high. nothing would of happened. besides hoilech ldvar mitzva aino nizok not the way there or the way back.
    And anyways, why doesnt anyone care about the mesirus nefesh of the guy who put up the beautiful flag?????

  7. Elisha y – “, at least wear secular clothing and a baseball cap as to not put the chareidi community in danger.” And to endanger the lives of secular Jews is OK????????

  8. Give Netanyahu Credit for stirring up a whole tumult over his Hitler /Mufti comment

    The discussion back and forth is so far a wonderful education of the past for most of the tzibbur of all stripes.

    Hope he digs up something comparable from the past to start another ..

  9. Continued from #16

    ..Charedim included

    Reb Shmuel Berenbaum,once while speaking in Eretz Yisroel remarked whimsically, that Israeli bochurim seem influenced somewhat by neo-zionism, concluding that the jewish people started only in 1948, since they preferred to learn the from the latest sefarim and latest editions

  10. #13 – you completely misunderstood what I was saying! not saying making nice – not saying make deals – not saying to even try to communicate with them, because as long as the brainwashing and hate and lies towards Jews continues starting from when they are in kindergartens NOTHING will be resolved!

    #15 – If a man wears Jewish clothing – he is likely to be Jewish. If a man wears secular clothing, he could be any religion. HE IS NOT RECOGNIZED !!!! This is my point! Here is a link to what happened in Morocco – a YWN story. Look at who they chose as their victims.

    We wear clothing that indicate we are Jewish. We stand alone compared to other nations. And what this young man did (although right as far as I’m concerned) is waive a red cloth in front of a raging bull.

    These barbaric animals are targeting 2 types of Jews: religious and soldiers! both wearing uniforms stating they are Jewish!!!!

    If someone is out to do something against people who are barbaric that don’t use their brains to resolve national issues – only force, then we, as intellectual citizens, should use more caution before doing an act that could put Innocent citizens as harm.