WATCH: Cleric Who Banned Killing Jews Sets Record Straight: Jihad against Brothers of Apes and Pigs a Duty


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In a video from February that has been circulating on social media platforms in recent days including YWN, Jordanian cleric Ali Hassan Al-Halabi said that killing Jews is not permissible, adding that the Jews “don’t attack you if you don’t attack them.” On November 3, Sheikh Al-Halabi posted two lengthy videos in which he rebutted criticism by political rivals, especially from the Muslim Brotherhood. In the new videos, Sheikh Al-Halabi referred to Jews as “the brothers of apes and pigs” and said that Jihad against them is a duty, but that the Muslims are not up for the task right now, and must prepare first.


  1. Seems like this רשע went through the סוג׳ again and came out with a different מסקנה. May All these Terrible רשעים meet their Bitter End Very Soon!!!

  2. How come YouTube took off only this video while they have terrible videos with horrible antisemitic lies about Jews supposedly doing ritual murder and such?! Those videos are just as bad as this Halabi pig calling Jews pigs and calling for Jihad against Jews.

  3. BenK that is a great Ha’arah, especially if you can’t use the matrilineal identity argument. Isaac’s daddy is Yishmael’s daddy. the daddy determines the lineage. Ergo If Isaac is the son of pigs and apes so are you. Egads!