WATCH: Dov Hikind on Trump vs Clinton


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  1. דוב’s comments quite literally hit the nail on the head. Probably the same quandary just about all of us are feeling, but were unable to express so eloquently.

  2. So Dov…for 30 seconds you tell us there are 100 reasons (none enumerated) why you won’t vote for Hillary, then spend 7 minutes providing an elegant exposition of why Trump is vulgar, racist bully who you wouldn’t even allow your children to listen to and has generally ignored EY but for one speech read from a teleprompter. However, you conclude with a the Talmudic version of “teku”….a dilemma that hopefully moishiach will resolve for you prior to November 8th. Please share with us your epiphany.

  3. Dov, we admire your work at home here in Brooklyn. But please explain what are you accomplishing with this? are you concerned for the Chinuch of the kids?? Don’t get it! Please don’t be disrespectful for the possible next commander in chief. And NO you don’t represent the voice for all of us… Donald trump would have never gotten this far had he not acted this way.. the world is dangerously following corrupt leadership so you need to push and shove to get to the front line. I’m pretty sure once he gets elected he will change his tone since he won’t be surrounded by corruption. He is actually surrounded with good people – let’s give him the hat! And last but not least – let’s not forget this… “לב מלכים ושרים ביד ה” the heart of kings are in the hand of Hashem. May we hear the Shofar from Moshiach very soon!

  4. Dov is a good ‘Jewish Democrat’ and a good CNN consumer.

    The story with the disabled reporter is ridiculous, because the guy wasn’t standing there, but they claim he had met him years earlier and should have known he’s disabled… To say he doesn’t care about Israel is totally ridiculous, and saying he’ll be ‘neutral’ is just the way he works to get more leverage later…

    Yes the guy is vulgar, but you know what? his big מעלה is is that he says what other people feel, but would never say…

    Dov wake up and think for a moment, why is it that he got the evangelical vote (who by far vote by principal way more than Jewish Democrats…) ? – Well the reason is simple. Right now we need a good bulldozer in Washington, and when you look for a good bulldozer guy that’s what you look for…

  5. So Dov what are you suggesting. You say Hillary no good. Trump a bully. So vote for who? Maybe we should all vote for Dov Hikind. Comeon get with it. Would you rather tell everyone not to vote at all. That will assure Hillary a win. And G_D forbid if she does. We all have to vote for Trump and be mispallel to hashem that he should guide him in the right path.

  6. Such a dumb speech. If you 0 don’t want Hillary then you vote for the other candidate. If you don’t vote for either that just helps Hillary

  7. Dov! You are on eof my favorite politicians. I see you OFTEN SPEACK OUT ON NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL MATTERS – ESPCIALLY REGARDING ISRAEL. So WHY did you IGNORE my pleas to Speak Out Demanding the US stop funding the Palestinian Authority while for YEARS they have been OPENLY Praising terrorists that murder Jewish civilians and even Paying them and their families while in jails to show their whole hearted support – including of the murderer of the 13 year old girl in her bed?????Yet money keeps going to these terrorists who we treat as “peace partners”? And why not Openly Ask Hillary and Donald what THEY would do about it????? Are you involved with politics involving Israel and the presidential campaign Or Not Or Only Sometimes???