WATCH THIS: Inside The ‘Lev Tahor Cult’ [Spanish]


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  1. Just so you know the logo that says gringo go home are the eyes of Hugo Rafael Chavez, ex president of Venezuela and notorious anti-Semite so you can figure out how Bias the whole thing is. It is disgusting how the background music leads you to think bad about the whole thing.

  2. Well. Taharas Hamishpocha is in every normal home. But the not letting them out to play and the teacher not showing her face to the kids and covering face on steps and when a man passes And the whole doctor’s visit arrangement is as creating future crazy and unprepared wildlife monkeys. Nebach!! Please moshiach come already and redeem this cult!!! Why is modeh any standing? Maybe little kids stand hours during cheder? Hey at least they save on clothing and acne facial creams, anti aging creams!!!!

  3. That girl is saying “they dont let us go outside” . By the way messy, vrry messy closet , if I saw correct the bedroom becomes the schooll without a desk and supplies (for the girls). Even people who homeschool in USA have some table or desk. . According to the reporter they only pray all day. No games no write no activity?

  4. Dear Ploni. The teacher was not covering her face hiding from her students but from the camera man and any possibility of her being exposed like the other ladies were to hundreds of viewers. I don’t agree with the practice but respect it. The sheet and Dr issues will create some wild monkeys that next to people that don’t believe in God will look like angels compared to dogs. Sorry dogs for equating you to godless people.

  5. Im part of a regular orthodox community that has just taken in a family that fled this cult. It would take a whole book to describe the cruelty this cult dud to thos famoly just of the ones that we are dealing with. If their was a beis din today, the leaders and there are a few, would be chayav misa.

  6. The leader of this cult is a BT. When he was hardly religious he appointed himself rabbi and got some followers. I believe most of his followers are BTs and/or goyim.

  7. I don’t agree with the practice, not respect it. It’s not Torah, it’s not halachah, it’s not minhag. It’s just wrong, and one small sign of how badly this cult has veered from yiddishkeit.