WATCH: Liberal CNN Commentator Gets Emotional About How Does He Explain A Trump Win To His Children


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  1. He should splain to his chile that America experimented for eight long years with a broh who looks like them, and got sick and tired of it. In the future, they are entitled to work and earn, rather that await for some honckey to provide for them.

  2. #4 You are so funny-I laughed and laughed. What an idiot, can’t figure out how to explain to his children that a white man was elected president of the U.S.A. By the way, Hillary’s black?

  3. Explain to your children these 10 lessons from the current election:

    #1 Lying doesn’t pay because the truth prevails.

    #2 Being bribed with thousands of dollars to lie doesn’t pay.

    #3 Mainstream media should never be trusted as convincing as they sound.

    #4 The miracle that people are talking about was:
    Although most people expected Trump to win in a landslide (as they obviously did not trust MSMPL)
    a) there was no way the White House would let him win as WikiLeaks has revealed;
    b) to win after all the rigging of the voting machines, stuffed ballots, repeated dead votes, illegal aliens voting, is indeed a great miracle that he did win.

    #5 Had CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times and others not reported fake polls on a daily basis, there’d be no nightmares.

    #6 Your Muslim friends who want to leave the country because Trump won, let them leave. What’s the problem?

    #7 If any election was racist, it was electing Obama as President. He was elected solely for his color. Had he been a white man, he’d never had made to the Office as he had absolutely no credentials. “Taking the country back,” as Trump stated, has got nothing to do with the current black president. Actually, he meant taking the country back starting from the White Bushes and White Clintons. You guys must have severe inferiority complex.

    #8 The Trump victory proves to us that the majority of Americans are fed up with Obama’s liberal policies, his wobbly leadership and his financing ISIS, which Hillary would have continued. They therefore decided it’s high time for major change and selected a firm leader who will once again bring respect to America.

    #9 American people weren’t ready to appoint a criminal who’s under FBI investigation as their President.

    #10 And last but not least, tell your kids it’s time for lawlessness to stop in America.

  4. I think he just needs to say “Trump won”. And if they ask “but dad, you said he will loose” he should answer “I am not a prophet, I was wrong, it was my opinion, but more people in the US thought otherwise, so they prevailed”. What’s wrong with saying the truth???

  5. If I remember correctly President Obama, who White America did help elect for 2 terms!, was also publicly rude and nasty —– with Israel. How should we explain that to our kids? Now if Democrats dont win its because America’s racist!? And why do your Moslem friends feel happy as Moslems when there is Islamic terrorism gainst men, women and children in US, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Germany, Russia, Philipines, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Afgahnistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, etc!!!! It seems there is something PECULIAR about that. Maybe thats why we see these results!

  6. Well, he could say it slowly, using very simple language, assisted with drawings of stick figures, and then repeat, even if the kid claims to have understood.

  7. This hate monger should be assign to the garbage bind. he should if he was not a racist bigot they his children the President Trump want to make jobs for everybody not for other countries. He wants to make sure that if you want to get ahead you could and not have to rely on the Van Jones are the poorest example for your kids because your are a big racist and are lying daily to your kids by blaming the white man

  8. As far as I remember trump never made this about race. Black Muslim or Hispanic or whatever. This was about illegal aliens (which happen to be mostly Hispanic) terrorists (which happen to be all Muslim) and as a matter of fact he was pledging to make the lives of blacks better. So I really don’t know what this guy is talking about.