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WATCH: President Trump’s First Weekly Address

3 Responses

  1. His claim that “sanctuary cities” are unsafe differes with the facts in New York City. He can’t deny our record reduction in crime in recent years. Trump has to learn to check his facts before he speaks.

  2. Yaakov look at Chicago. A sanctuary city and you call it safe? President Trump wants safe cities. A sanctuary city in this case he is referring to getting rid of illegal criminals and if they are in a ” sanctuary city” how are the citizens of that “sanctuary city” safe? I from NYC and do support the President and with holding federal monies from these type of cities. Who is not to say some illegal immigrants are going to benefit for on these monies. It seems as our mayor would probably hand over that money to them or not.

  3. Merrick Garland was stubbornly blocked for a whole year
    Better make sure it’s not a waste and that the nominee will be more comparable to the previous holder of the Seat

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