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WATCH: Nigel Farage Exposes EU Leaders’ Hypocrisy And Faux Outrage Over President Trump

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  1. This unbelievable man voices the same opinions as Trump but just listen to how he can express himself so much better. If Trump could only be half as eloquent more people would be able to understand his policies. I agree with the policies but I cringe when Trump speaks. When I hear Nigel Farage it just reinforces my frustration with Trump’s manner of communication.Nigel Farage sounds smart. Trump sounds like a lunatic. And they’re both saying the same things!

  2. Please dear Moderator!
    Tell us ignorant folk who is this great orator!
    Who is this finally outspoken גוי who dared opened his mouth to defend us יודען?
    Tell us about him.

  3. Yaapchik. He’s Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party which campaigned for the UK to leave the European Union. Ironically he is a member of the European parliament but uses every speech to attack that institution. He’s seen as a maverick and probably had a few pints before his speech.

  4. No question he is a much more effective orator than Trump although sharing many of the same populist themes. Having said that, he taps into the anger of many of those in the UK “left behind”, as does Trump, but had not yet put forward a coherent set of plans that offer a path forward. His talking points, soaring populist rhetoric and campaign slogans are not an alternative to detailed plans for restructuring the UK economy after final exit from the EU, especially with respect to London’s loss of its special status as a financial center. Many of the major investment banks and law firms are quietly relocating their top people to the continent.

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