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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rubashkin Lawyer Addresses Agudath Israel Dinner

The guest speaker at the Agudath Israel of America’s 88th Anniversary Dinner, was Guy R. Cook, the Iowa attorney representing former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin. The two part video below speaks for itself, as Mr Cook delivers the clear-cut facts in the case of Mr. Rubashkin.

The dinner was held this Sunday evening, May 9, at the New York Hilton in Manhattan, and was attended by dozens of dignitaries and politicians.

Additional videos and full photo coverage of the event, along with a complete write-up will follow.


For mobile devices only, click HERE for Part 1.


For mobile devices only, click HERE for Part 2.

8 Responses

  1. Kudos YWN for this video, and kudos for the Agudah for thinking of having the attorney speak. Could not have been a better choice.


  2. Thank you for this important information. Unfortunayely it is a little hard to hear. The write up will be very helpful.

  3. Basically, without saying it, this attorney alluded to the fact that the US Government are a bunch of anti-Semites.

    And this attorney is a former federal prosecutor.

    God bless America…..that once was…

  4. Tears came to my eyes when I watched this video. It is apparent to me that the Justice Department and even possibly the White House perceives Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin as a big Jewish money bags and to send out a warning to shot to the rest of the Jews.

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