Thieves Apprehended in Flatbush


With the summer season in full swing, burglars are taking advantage of the relative quiet of the neighborhood. With families relocated upstate or vacationing elsewhere, break-ins are all the more common, making it doubly important to guard your property.

Recently, there has been a series of reports regarding residential burglaries in the local Flatbush area where the thieves have obviously taken advantage of vacationing homeowners. While the reports came from several different precinct jurisdictions they all carried trademarks of the same criminals involved.

Upon questioning, several witnesses mentioned seeing a red van in the vicinity. The van was apparently seen either in the victim’s driveway or somewhere on the block on the day of the crime. Homes were apparently emptied with jewelry and silver.



  1. Rules for leaving:
    1. Never tell the police or postman that you are going.
    2. Have a trusted neighbor take in your mail.
    3. put time clocks on the lights and one on a radio tuned to a talk show on low.
    4. consider giving trusted family member (who is not going on vacation) diamond rings, gold jewerly, ect.
    5. don’t forget to daven with Kavana.