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Judge Backs Blogger Over Anti-Islam Bus Ads

An anti-Islam activist has won a preliminary round in her First Amendment fight to place New York City bus ads calling enemies of Israel “savages.”

Federal Judge Paul Engelmayer in Manhattan agreed with blogger Pamela Geller. He said the Metropolitan Transportation Authority should not have rejected Geller’s ad.

Geller is the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative. She publishes a blog called Atlas Shrugged that warns of growing “Islamization.”

The MTA rejected the group’s bus ad. Its standard says ads should not demean individuals or groups based on race, religion or other protected categories.

Engelmayer granted a preliminary injunction on Friday barring the MTA from enforcing the standard.

(Source: NBC New York)

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  1. One second! The ads are anti Jihad not anti Islam! They are against the savage butchers who murder innocent people. This is NOT anti Islam, it is anti Jihadists. Please get your facts straight and change the headline.

  2. #2… Jihad is Islam and Islam is Jihad. Muslims who don’t follow Jihad are simply the non-frum ones. This is why you find terrorists from all sects of Islam, including both shi’ite and Sunni.

  3. According to Reuters (,__defeat_Jihad__ads/), the attorney for Geller was David Yerushalmi of the American Freedom Law Center ( and, who has won many legal battles against the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas groups in the US and won many of these free speech cases for Geller. He was named in Forwards top 50 last year and profiled big time by NY Times. And, he is a product apparently of the yeshiva world.

  4. Since this is being fought by use of the first amendment, isnt it risking that the next round of ads on buses or elsewhere will be anti Zionist or anti anti Jewish?

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