Nine Peleg Talmidim Wanted by Military Police in Custody: Protests Continue on Thursday


During the late hours of Wednesday night, police transferred the nine Peleg-affiliated talmidim wanted by the IDF for desertion (failing to report for military service). The nine were arrested during stormy protests that took place hours earlier in Jerusalem. The nine were turned over to military police and are expected to stand trial for desertion in a military court.

The transfer took hours as many demonstrators tried to prevent it from occurring, blocking the courtyard of the Russian Compound police detention center in downtown Jerusalem. Dozens of Yassam commando police were brought in to forcibly evict hundreds of protesters, making six arrests.

This brings the number of deserters in detention to 11, together with two yeshiva students who were arrested Sunday night at a police roadblock on Route 90 near the Dead Sea.

The Committee for the Preservation of the World of Torah, the Jerusalem-based body responsible for organizing the demonstrations, issued a statement during the night: “In an irresponsible decision, the Jerusalem police transferred nine yeshiva students to the military police in the past few minutes in addition to two talmidim sentenced to 20 days in military prison for Torah study.”

“The masses of the Beis Israel set out for a Day of Rage throughout the country and in the areas published in advance, in order to protest and protest against the authorities’ abuse of yeshiva students,” the committee announced.

The organizers of the demonstrations promised to “remain steadfast in the face of attempts by the authorities to exhaust them and try their strength.”

The locations of the planned demonstrations for Thursday, 29 Tishrei:
• Shilat Junction near Modi’in Illit at 7:30am
• Jerusalem: Sarei Yisrael Street corner of Yafo at 2:30pm
• Bnei Brak: 2:30 to 7:00pm
• Beit Shemesh: Sderot Yehuda HaNasi from 2:30pm to 7:30pm
• Elad: At the entrance to the city at 2:00pm
• Ashdod: From 2:30pm to 5:00pm
• Tzefas: From 4:00pm o 7:00pm

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Nine Peleg Talmidim Wanted by Military Police in Custody: Protests Continue on Thursday

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Throw away the jail cell keys and arrest their leaders whoever they are.This is NOT how religious Jews are supposed to behave, NO matter what their excuse is.

  2. they should put these stupid cowards into the women’s prison. cut their peyos and make them do hard labor.

    Why not listen to Rav Steiniman and Rav Kenievsky who say go register and get a deferment? Who needs this chillul haShem?

  3. Garlic, your reply is very anti semitic. We would never think of burning their tephilin chas v’sholom. Also, beliting our religious values comes from someone who hates chassidim. Please try to restrain your emotions.
    Non Israelis should keep out of this machlokes.It is enough that this Machlokes is so lively here in Israel.
    The hafganot are very upsetting, bu us Americans enjoy the fact that we are not taking sides. Actually the one with the weaker hate are the Peleg yerushalayim , as the other side calls them very strong languages. Don’t talk about the Gedolim, rather if you need to speak, keep it centered on the ones applying it. Agreed, they cause serious havoc, just don’t talk about the Gedolim. Enjoy the fact that you are not compelled like the Israelis to be part of this horrible machlokes, and love both sides (not what they do, but as brothers).

  4. Is YWN sponsoring a contest which commenters can submit the stupidest, most obnoxious remarks imaginable? What’s the grand prize? A lifetime subscription to der sturmer, or maybe the NY Post? Even if the protesters are wrong (which is very likely), is this the way to write about frum yidden? Wish that they do teshuva, not that they suffer in prison. They are not arabs, leftists, LGBT protesters, etc.

  5. Typical YWN: hate on the people protesting, yet add fuel to the fire by publishing times of planned protests. Clearly, you don’t stand for anything. You only try to make ad money by fueling the violence, then publishing hateful stories about it. Oh, how low we’ve sunk.

  6. But,Voice of Truth,I think YWN is doing a great service by informing the afflicted Jews of Israel when their daily lives will be further embittered by these violent demonstrations and where.
    YNW is to be further commended for actually giving a name to who is in control of all these dangerous demonstrations-the Committee for the preservation of the world of Torah.So there is a leader,and a sponsor behind these very violent demonstrations,which is quite incredible to read!
    Now if I could only understand why they refuse to do demonstrations in the traditional yeshiverish way of asking permission,and it being one of tephilah,I would be a happy man!
    Many thanks to YWN for keeping track on the latest developments,and may the comments fuel some solution to this intolerable situation.