Hamas Uses ‘Kite Bombs’ To Terrorize Gaza Border Patrols


Hamas is employing a new tactic to terrorize Israel border patrols and communities lying close to the Gaza border according to a spokesperson from the Eshkol Regional Council. On Sunday, the council’s spokesperson issued a statement regarding a new wave of kite-bombs that the terrorist group, who occupies the Gaza Strip, has begun using to attempt to harm Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The new methodology involved tying molotov cocktails to kites and letting the kites fly over the fence and fall on the Israeli side of the fence causing a large eruption of flames. So far, two successful fly overs have occurred in the past few days, each one causing a conflagration of thorns and weeds on the Israeli side of border. The regional fire department was called in to put out the flames before they became a widespread brushfire.

Israeli security forces are searching for the perpetrators, although from outside the fence it is difficult to conduct a proper search.

Thus far, no injuries have been reported as a result of the kite bombs. The Regional Council has instructed the Fire and Rescue Department to be on high alert along  the border and has also called on the public to be aware and report any unusual fires or smoke that they may see.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)