Iranian Scientist Turned Spy Smuggled Out of Iran by Mossad, MI6 and CIA Collaborative Effort


A British Media agency revealed on Sunday details regarding a complex and gutsy rescue mission that saw an Iranian Nuclear Physicist escape from Iran and make it to the United States.

The Express News Agency reported that the technician, a 47-year-old man, played a double agent and in the past helped Western countries in the fight against Iranian nuclear enrichment by utilizing the access he had to vast amounts of information regarding Iran’s program.

An example of this was when Israel was attempting to assassinate a High ranking Iranian official Mustafa Ahmad Rushan, who ran the nuclear facility in the city of Natanz. The mission, succeeded in 2012 thanks to the help of this technician.

The Israeli Mossad undertook the operation to get the scientist-turned-spy out of the borders of Iran and into a safe country. Last December, the Mossad succeeded. It was, however, hotly debated as to which country the agent should go through in order to reach safety.

In working together with the CIA and the MI6, the Mossad managed to get the agent through various destinations in Europe and then across the English channel via a speedboat that was carrying illegal Iranian immigrants into Britain. From Britain, the agent was sent to the United States without hassle.

Britain, however, had a problem. Unlike the U.S. and Israel, Britain still adhered to the Iranian nuclear deal, and therefore did not want to anger the Iranians. It was therefore of paramount necessity that the mission should not be exposed by bringing the agent into the country in the normal fashion.

According to one source who was involved in the operation, the Iranian government found out that the man was missing very quickly. Iran, apparently sent a specialized task force from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to bring the agent back.
The boat made it to Britain where the man was interrogated by MI6 and the CIA with regards to information about the nuclear program in Iran in a safe house before he was flown to the United States.

According to a British source, the agent said that the program is on track in a similar fashion to the way the Iranian government was reporting it.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)