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    SEDTKTSA… a little acronym i came up with to make it easy to remember (ha!)…shower every day to keep the stench away

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    moski: Why are you sticking out your tongue at me? I was agreeing with you :[


    No I wasn’t. I meant 😀


    Lifestyle-shmifestyle. You’re either a Torah-observant Yid or you’re not. Brony, you don’t get it.


    It’s been awhile since

    I’ve been hated on like this

    Anyway, thanks much

    this will certainly shorten my

    calls to girls’ references.


    *Phone ringing*

    [ ‘;’]): Hello?

    ( ‘.’)): Hi, it’s brony, do you know ____?

    [ ‘;’]): Yes

    ( ‘.’)): Can you rate her beauty on a level from 1-10

    [ ‘;’]): Are you serious?

    ( ‘.’)): Yes

    [ ‘;’]): ….

    ( ‘.’)): ….

    *Line goes dead*


    *Phone ringing*

    [ ‘;’]): Hello?

    ( ‘.’)): Hi, it’s brony, do you know ____?

    [ ‘;’]): Yes

    ( ‘.’)): Is she a Torah-observant Yid?

    [ ‘;’]): Yes

    ( ‘.’)): Thank you, I will marry her.

    [ ‘;’]): …

    ( ‘.’)): …

    *Line goes dead*


    Brony: YOU have no SWAG. SWAG doesnt come from WHAT SHOES YOU WEAR

    or WHAT CAR YOU DRIVE. ANYBODY can wear those SHOES if they wanted.


    Lots of hating up

    in Yeshiva World

    You are correct


    however, you are still


    what makes a girl “stylish” or “trendy”?

    what makes someone a trendsetter?

    It’s called SWAG, my friend

    it’s true, you must

    have it IN YOU

    but you must

    exude it externally

    as well.

    If you have any

    further questions about SWAG,

    please feel free to ask.

    Stay cool, don’t hate


    i know i’m gonna seem shallow now, sure sure, i’ll let everyone give me chai v’kayam for this- i don’t really like when guys wear colored shirts in general. (ok everyone, start screaming at me. i’m waiting) but i wouldn’t turn a guy down for it straight from the beginning. cuz i know that’s not what its all about. i mean, i don’t mind like polo shirts when he’s cleaning for pesach or building the sukkah or any dirty work.



    this thread is a JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE,

    although there has been

    some hate as of late 🙁

    Because you have been

    so CANDID,

    I will add a CONFESSION as well:

    I generally use a combination of


    rating methodologies

    when assessing beauty

    First # is face (1-10)

    Second # is yes (1)/no (0) marry <– Binary

    Third # is body (1-10)

    10 is a zero

    So a 717

    is 7 face, yes marry, 7 body


    is 4 face, no marry, 4 body


    is 10 face (nonexistent), YES MARRY, 9 body


    can you think

    of a better system?

    this one took years

    of careful research,

    feel free to APPROPRIATE

    this system

    to rate guys


    What, nobody agrees? Or nobody heard of Jonah? If the latter, I only recommend Brony to look it up.


    I interpret a swag as gaava. Am I alone on this?

    Also, if her friend that was asked info from repeats the whole conversation without filtering, she’s more insensitive than the guy who asked.


    what in the world happened to the classic rating system for girls? im totally fine with the way it was before…1-10 rating works just perfectly


    Mammele: No not at all. I agree. Though the real meaning is to walk in a cool way. I interpret swag as a little game for uncool people to do stuff some guy decided should be considered “cool”.


    my roommate taped a piece of tape with the word SWAG on it to the light switch so he could “get out of bed and turn his swag on”


    Thanks moski for agreeing with me. I was afraid I was the odd (wo)man out, and on a yeshivish site yet … Which brings me to your game — aka known as peer pressure — which I obviously was just a victim to, although I’m not such a good player…

    Lol to you and zb.


    I like people to be real, non-pretentious, no swagger, just simple menschlechkeit. I never went for the “cool” guys, and certainly didn’t marry one. But I did marry the warmest, kindest,sweetest “nerdy” baal chessed on the planet. You can keep cool. I’m happy with what I’ve got.


    Well…back to the original question…I personally like colored shirts on boys, especially on dates. A nice blue, green or pin striped shirt is great.

    My questions to boys:

    What do you think a girl should order on a date? What should she never order?

    If she is the same height as you should she not wear heels?

    Finally if it didn’t work out between the two of you would you ever consider suggesting your friend for her?


    Yellow123: She should or a salad. Never order something messy or something you eat with your hands.


    Order an easy to cut piece of chicken cutlet, if out for fleishigs, or a piece of fish if dairy. DO NOT ever on a first date order falafel in a pita, or spaghetti. BBQ ribs are a no-no, too.

    Probably a good idea not to wear heels in such a case as same height.

    I would always consider if someone was not for me, whether or not that personw ould be good for someone else I know. My nephew married his lovely wife because his best friend went out with her first and realized that my nephew was more shayach for her than himself. he was right.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    what in the world happened to the classic rating system for girls? im totally fine with the way it was before…1-10 rating works just perfectly

    What about the classic rating system for guys? I’m totally fine with the way it was when I was single . . . somewhat jerky – total jerk.

    (Obviously I’ve matured since then)


    SWAG = Confidence

    It is sorely lacking

    in the frum world.



    Or swag equals pretending to be confident while being petrified of being considered uncool…

    Really, confidence is a positive thing, flaunting your confidence not so much.

    What’s HTH ?


    LOL I was cracking up from this thread!! I dont think guys should ask for pictures in the first place but if the guy is asking for a picture then at least he should give a picture in return. and to guys who want to wear crazy colored sox wear them to sleep but not in the street. did anyone hear of the new site that just launched ? -for orthodox singles like chassidish,yeshivish,leaning yeshivish,mchmir modern…… -can do through a shadchan as one of the options


    SWAG= No confidence. You have no confidence so you try to be like someone else.


    Where do the swaggies get the money to spend on clothes and trinkets is it all money earned from odd jobs during bain hazmanim or is it

    C hopped

    A ssets

    S queezed from

    H arried parents


    princess17- i heard of it, and i even went on the site to see what its like. no, i did not sign on. here’s what i think about it. first of all, i don’t believe that its for the yeshivish/very frum crowd at all! boys and girls from those circles will most likely NOT be going online to find their zivug. second of all, we just had this whole internet asifa crying out against the internet, and all of a sudden, a few weeks later, its ok to have a dating website??? i think that is quite ironic, and quite inexcusable, even tho it has the word yeshivish/frum attached to it. and third- their compatibility test, or whatever. what do they do, just stick you with someone who sounds like they have the same personality (and all the external stuff) and decide you’re good for each other??? there’s much more to it than that. i don’t agree with this whole thing AT ALL.


    swag=trying to be cool! love that cash definition!



    so much derp

    I can’t take it.

    First of all, Moskidoodle(?)

    You have defined CONFORMITY

    not SWAG, which by definition

    means NOT being

    like anybody else.

    As for The Goq

    (how do people think of these

    ridiculous usernames?)

    done correctly,

    SWAG need not be

    EXPENSIVE whatsoever.

    Personally, I hit up

    Target all the time.

    Frankly, I think

    you guys are betas.


    LADIES (and men, actually),

    what would do

    if you were dating a guy/girl

    who seemed awesome

    but their breath

    smelled HORRENDOUS?



    yummy cupcake- i agree with ur point especially about the internet asifa! but putting that aside people still use the internet including people like u and me. , so if the internet is still being used then we should use it for a good purpose.Boys are lost in a forest as they say and girls are lost in a dessert-so according to boys they have piles and piles of resumes to go through and they think all the girls sound the same, so if they use this website then they might actually get a girl who is really shayich for them and theyre personality.It can give girls a way to get ahold of boys as a possible shidduch for them which is something that is very hard to do these days for a girl.The more yeshivish people will do it through a shadchan of course which is one of the options.If it helps at least 1 couple get engaged then its worth it ! DOnt u think??

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    (how do people think of these

    ridiculous usernames?)

    ooh ooh, the hate!


    Swag means confidence.

    It also means

    arrogance, boasting

    and bragging.

    My Little Pony lovers

    are too awesome

    for the CR.

    Please leave.


    LADIES (and men, actually),

    what would do

    if you were dating a guy/girl

    who seemed awesome

    but their breath

    smelled HORRENDOUS?


    I could totally see you needing this one.


    princess, not necessarily. well, not for me or any of my friends for that matter. they kinds of boys we are looking for would not touch a dating website… obviously, neither would we. i think for the other ppl its geared towards, it might do something, cuz they would probably use shidduch world or frumster or whatever. but no i don’t think that its gonna work for the yeshivish/very frum crowd.


    if the girl is as tall as the guy she should not wear heels! and if shes taller then she should slouch the entire time


    yummy cupcake-well ur probably right but then again you never know!! I wouldnt be surprised if some mothers who want to get theyr sons married would take the test according to their sons personality and then if a shidduch comes up, say somthing came up to theyr son and not tell the boy where its really from till after they go out!! it depends how yeshivish people are- if they have internet then they cant be that yeshivish like u and me , even if you say u want someone yeshivish then why are you on cofeeroom??

    Song of Blessing

    it looks like its trying to copy jDate.

    I have my personal opinion about online dating. I think a) anyone can log on and can pretend their this amazing person. You have to be careful. My experiences went from ok, to talking to a stalker, to completely wasting my time…

    It CAN work but you gotta sift through the “garbage” before you can come across someone normal. But my theory is – of your normal and your on it – chances are there are some guys that are normal and are on it.

    HOWEVER the biggest problem with online dating sites is I found the majority guys there were frum but much more lenient in things I found important (like being shomer). It was a big let down… I think I prefer the shadchan scene…


    There are about 16 threads about looks in shidduchim [Just in the titles; i don’t know how many are mentioned in the threads].

    I haven’t counted, but there are about 788 threads on qualities to look for, what to look for, what not to look for, what to notice and what not to notice, what is a RED FLAG and what is not, how to see this, how to see that…

    More threads: Dating etiquette, what to do on a date, what do you do when he… what do you do when she… what to eat, what to drink how to go home, how to carry on…

    Should i stop… should i go for a second date. I like her. I don’t like her. What should i do? I’m not sure…

    There are better boys than girls. There are better girls than boys. Older guys… older girls… which is worse… Older guys marrying younger girls… older girls marrying younger guys…

    Marrying a gerrer… marrying a ger… marrying a BT… dating a modern guy… coloured shirts… jeans… ashkenzi v sephardi… sephardi vs. ashkenazi….

    Funny stories… inspirational stories… worst date ever… proposal stories… best date ever… more stories…

    shadchan… no shadchan… heimish/chassidish shadchan… knowing both parties… amateur shadchanim… suggesting your own shidduch

    parents control… parents don’t get involved… mothers caring about looks… mothers of the girl… mothers of the boy…

    is he going to go into learning… short term… long term… working… what does he want to work as… shonoh rishona…

    compromise… make do with the best there is… don’t let yourselves be cheated… don’t sell yourselves cheap… dream date… nobody is the same…


    [************** standing for TROLL]


    Ayyo, it looks like

    I have worn out my welcome

    I will kindly leave

    this thread

    as my shrine to those

    who would simply

    like to ask a question

    to the opposite gender

    without being judged.

    I hope everybody had

    as much lulz

    as I did.

    ( ‘-‘): Good Bye.


    Zabachur — tall girls should NEVER slouch, but rather should wear their height proudly and elegantly. Slouching doesn’t make them look shorter, merely sloppier. Flatter shoes are fine, but never be ashamed of your height, tall OR short!


    Thank you,


    for your poetic

    addition to this site

    and for your careful

    more slang-filled


    which made me

    laugh a




    oomis…i was completely joking…i happen to really like tall girls…definitely not taller than me but thats hard to find anyways


    Men: Why don’t you like curly hair? (& by curly I mean nice ringlets, not a frizzy mess)


    Some men love it! Mine loves my curls, unlike my mom who always wished I would straighten it.


    interjection: Ugh I wish! Aren’t curls supposed to be wild, attractive….you catch my drift..?


    You agree they’re attractive. What’s the question?


    Wow this post is AWESOME…

    1. I have no problem with colored shirts but I do think it is nice when guys wear white shirts on shabbos and holidays

    (Wearing respectable clothing shows that a guy has self respect)

    2. Cologne: I have had so many times when a guy was wearing so much cologne he nearly made birds fall out of trees the smell was so overpowering….just ugh

    On the other hand some guys surprisingly smell great

    My favorite smells on guys would be:

    Really clean smelling like some good soap 🙂

    Sweet smelling cologne that is soft and light

    AXE in all scents but mostly dark temptation

    Or just sweet with a hint of mint

    3. heels/earrings

    Heels look good on shabbos or special occasions but for every day they just make the girl look like she is trying too hard

    Earrings rock DEAL WITH IT

    4. Wanta pet peeve TOO MUCH BLOODY MAKE UP

    It makes girls look like they are covering their face with glop

    A nice small amount of blush mascara and Concealer does wonders

    5. Bad breath/great guy if it is a rare occasion what of it

    If it is like that on a consistent basis, well…

    6. brony : lovely girl rating method

    I didn’t see personality anywhere on it pray tell would you date a girl who looked like a model but had like the meanest stupidest weirdest personality


    Uggs can look cool if you pair them up with the right clothing


    p.s dont give up the thread : its way cool

    and guys what are your thoughts on justin bieber,

    to me he seems just stupid


    p.s dont give up the thread : its way cool

    and guys what are your thoughts on justin bieber,

    to me he seems just stupid



    “You agree they’re attractive. What’s the question?”

    As a woman, I do!

    The guys…not so much (So I’ve been told)

    The question is: WHY?


    hmm the mysteries of the universe shall not be revealed


    So I asked a guy, he said it’s bec it evokes a “big image” as opposed to that sleek look….

    How does that make sense?


    It’s a matter of preference for guys just as it is for girls. I know many guys who prefer curly hair.

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