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    Thanks for your welcome back!

    I will definitely work on it.

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    an open book-

    yeah I meant pay pal sorry typo error I was exhausted last night

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    ames-Well the first time that I got an email saying that I was the grand winner of the Irish National lottery.i did some research and there is a real Irish National lottery.

    However I was a bit skeptical about this.In the email “The Irish Lottery-Fiduciary agent”(anything with Fiduciary I have discovered are crooks)said to cantact a certain person in a bank in england to transefer funds to my accountt.Well I wanted to get to the bottom of this.The next day I called the Bank in England I told them what I had recieved in my email.They said that they know nothing of this lottery and that someone is using their bank name to scam people.They transfered me over to the security of this bank and I was told to foward the email to them.In which I did.The woman at the bank told me and I spoke to a police officer once and they both told me that if you win money you will never be notified by email.

    YOu will never guess who had the chutzpah to email me again-The “Irish national lottery”-So on the bottom of the page the “Fiduciary agent” Left her cell number in case I wanted to contact her/I had a problem.

    Guess what I did I fowarded her cell number with the email to Security(liverpool)of a bank in London-LOL!

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    I just would like everyone in the YWN coffee room to be aware of email lottery scammers.If you get any emails telling you that you have won any sort of money don’t open it.Whether it says the Irish nationlal lottery, or one of the lucky ones to win from a microsoft online drawing.These things are baloney and false.I get alot of these junk emails-I have no idea how they got my email address.

    I once spoke someone from security and they informed me that if you ever win anything from a lottery or big money then they will call you by phone-even then you have to be carefull-they will NEVER EMAIL YOU TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE WON.

    These people that send out the asian lottery and oh yes they make it sound very authentic- call mr sing yang at the_____bank in Tokyo and he will be able to transfer funds into your account.

    These people are after one thing your identity so they can Chas Vashalom get into your account.

    While we are on the top of scamers be very carefull when buying things online with a credit card.On my father’s credit card statement he got a bill from a bunch of stores in Venezula no one in my family has ever shopped in any stores in Venezuala!We realized that someone must have gotten hold of my father’s credit card online and went on a nice shopping spree.It is safer to pay by pen pal when you buy things online!

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    lgbg welcome back and a big mazel tov to you!

    The best diets are the one’s where you can eat whatever you want in moderation.

    However you must exercise daily to keep up/speed up your mentabolism!People who have a slower mentabolism tend to gain wheight faster!

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    Hi jax I am going to have to remember not to say as…

    Basyisroel2 signing in>I don’t know why but tonight the posts are taking alot longer to be put up.I guess the mods are workin really hard!Maybe they need more coffee to keep them awake!

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    an open book-


    ames and Jax-Thanks for your best wishes! Baruch Hashem the person is doing better!

    Jax-How?and why did you change your name?I am so use to asdf-You were one of the machers on the YWN coffee chairpeople’s commitee!

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    ames-special thank you to you-thanks for being my friend-These past few months have been pretty stressfull dealing with someone who was sick but I am glad to be back!

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    I have heard a talmid chochom once say that it is only acceptable for a girl to go side saddle in public!

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    I am talking about following the halochos of tznius-covering elbows knees ect.

    I have heard from people that to look tznius you have to look like a neb because if you look like a neb then people won’t pay any attention to you! That’s crazy!That is not what being tznius is all about!

    As a yid you are suppose to dress in a bekovidik manner, and to davka dress in a really nebby manner is a chilul Hashem!

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    Thanks mepal!

    in reply to: Frum Girls Dancing on the Dance Dance Revolution at Arcades #689372

    I have to say that as long as i am dressed tzniusly according to halacha then that is fine.

    I am allowed to look pretty and nice as long as it follows the guidlines of halacha.

    If a man looks at me then that is his problem his michshul.I don’t have to go out of my way and look extra ugly so that nobody should dare look at me.

    As a girl I have to watch my mode of dress and as men you have to watch your eyes.I don’t have to wear a burqa so that a man should never be nichshul because i look tznius and nice..

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    I’m back-Someone I know wasn’t well but now they are now o.k. baruch hashem and I finally figured out a new passsword for myself so I am back-(I had trouble logging in with a diffrent password that the YWN gave me)!

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    Hi guys I’m Back!I had problems logging in and then somebody I know wasn’t well but they are Baruch Hashem O.k. now!Sorry for the scare!

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    myshadow -you can go to best buy and get-if they still have it – a $200.00 laptop- which runs very well.Howvever you have to download all programs onto your laptop -microsoft word,publisher ect..

    I would want to get the blackberry but then my cell phone plan payments will sky rocket.

    Does anyone know anything about the verizon phone dare and verizon voyager-do they have good service, do they break easily…? are there better phones out there?

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    Top ten ways you know you are on a bad date:

    10. I am so not getting onto with this guy/girl

    9. Please Please Hashem, let there be no one here I know

    8. That’s so weird, this ceiling has 48 tiles. Unlike the floor which has 47.

    7. I now realize that “being set up” can mean two different things.

    6. I’ll just spell “help” out with my utensils and maybe someone will understand.

    5. I miss work.

    4. Yisurin shel ahava… Yisurin shel ahava

    3. If I call myself on my cell phone, will it ring?

    2. This girl/guy puts the “uch” in shidduch.

    1. I will never ever trust my mother again

    Top ten signs you are in Brooklyn:

    10. You find yourself waiting on line to get into ‘standing room only’ at Dougie’s on Motzai Shebbos.

    9. There are no Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles in sight. There are, however, 5 kosher pizza places within a three block radius.

    8. The “Kosher Gym”- need I say more?

    7. The only person to respond to your “Good Shabbos’s” is the guy asking for change on the corner.

    6. Every other car on the street is a BMW/ Lexus leased from “Malcar”.

    5. There are at least three shuls/shteibel’s on every block, but the one you daven at, is five blocks away from your house.

    4. You can find a maariv minyan at 12:27 a.m., and then satisfy your midnight craving at Bissele’s the Shnitzel king or Deli 52.

    3. Every bakery/ and restaurant requires at least three hashgacha’s.

    2. Finding a parking spot on Ave. J or 13th Ave on a Friday afternoon is your week’s biggest triumph.

    1. Chicago? Is that the state near Baltimore?

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    moish01 and anonymisss

    Those where great!

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653766

    Moish”my house looks like any other. why would i wanna go to a stranger’s if i could just go downstairs? “

    The point is to get out a bit more to go to other people that might be more of your speed.Perhaps it would be agood idea to go someone’s house who went through the same things that you are going through or felt the same way you feel!

    Stayed locked in your room is not the way to go about living your life!

    If you feel fustrated or upset do something about it(that is not harmful to yourself or others)!

    Maybe you are burnt out and need a vacation!

    I am telling you-I for one am going away I don’t care anywhere!I need to get away we all do!

    in reply to: Laptops #638645

    syriansephardi- a black bery is so expensive I have to pay an internet fee every month!

    in reply to: Post Here – So We Know You’re In The CR #904285

    anonymisss-Happy Birthday and many more till 120 IY’H!

    To all my choshuva Cr members I am going to call it a night!I have got a lot of simchos to attend to tommorow so I will try and post!If not I will post with you all on Monday.Gut Voch and a Mazeldika Voch to all!Remember it’s Rosh Chodesh Adar this week.This month is very Mazeldik- so Every body s e !

    m l


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    AL2-“I end up ordering water which costs more than coffee”

    What? Do you like order an extra large bottle of water or something?

    in reply to: Places To Go On A Date #774422

    ames- lol! Not really I sometimes get coffee there with my friends. I once went there on a date.I was standing right next to my dates when they payed at starbucks and by hotels, so I know the prices!

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653753

    moish01-Maybe you are not seeing the real beauty of shabbos in your home.Maybe it would be a good idea to go to other people’s houses for Shabbos!

    in reply to: Shidduch Segullah! #1150442

    ames & coke not pepsi-Thanks!

    coke not pepsi-That is a very good idea for me to try and focus one tefillah on my friend and another tefillah on myself!

    in reply to: Shidduch Segullah! #1150439

    Can someone please answer me if I am doing the wrong thing-look at my post above-


    in reply to: Places To Go On A Date #774420

    myshadow do you have a second user name as AL2?

    in reply to: Melava Malka #648469

    Don’t forget coffe or let’s make that cappocinos!

    in reply to: Inspiring Rabbi Stories #658555

    -At Rav yaakov Kaminetzky’s levaya there was a Nun.The family members asked her in a polite way how come she came to Rav Yaakov Zatzal’s levaya.She answered that everybody ignored her because she was a nun.However, ever morning Rav Yaakov would pass the nunnery on his way to somewhere and would say good morning to her.She said I just had to come to the funeral of such a great man!

    -Once at Rav Gifter Zatal’s house they had a choshuva guest over Chanukah.The guest told Rav Gifter that they have to light because it was way passed shkiya.Rav Gifter answered that they will wait for Rebbitzen Gifter to come home to light because Shalom Bayis is more important!

    My brother was in line to a brocha from Rav Kanievsky.There was a man there who was pouring out his heart to Rav Kanievsky.My brother said that he saw tears pour down Rav Kanievsky’s face in front of everyone!

    in reply to: Laptops #638642

    myshadow-I have verizon!I ahve signed up for a new plan and I don’t know which phone to get!

    in reply to: Places To Go On A Date #774416

    Asdf- Hatzlacha and may we all hear good news from you Bekarov!

    myshadow- why do you not like starbucks? I think it’s great-You can have a small black coffee/ice coffe there with soy milk(check the hechser at each starbucks) which is $2.something which is cheaper that a $6.00 flat soda at a boring Hotel!

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    ames my friend-Amen! Thank you for your beautiful bracha!

    I have a question for everyone in the coffee room with the concept of davening for one’s friend.I daven for my friend first and then I daven for myself is that the wrong thing to do?Someone told me that you are only suppose to daven for the other person, however I feel that I still need to daven for myself.

    I am worried that I may be a bit selfish that I might have more kavana when I am davening for myself then when for my friend.

    I have to be honest that one of the reasons that I am davening for myis friend because I want to get shidduch also .However even if I was married I would still daven for my friend. However if I was married I would daven for her just for the sake of her without any ulterior feelings of if i daven for her then Hashem will listen to my Tefilos .

    Am I doing the wrong thing, I am worried that my reasoning for davening for my friends is not 100% purley for the sake of them.

    Although I daven for people who don’t have children, parnasa without expecting to get anything from it except to help another yid.

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    I’m here-Reminder it is Rosh Chodosh Adar this week!

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653749

    areivimzehlazeh-The thing with kriyas yamsuf is a joke

    Where is pushatayid and mango?

    in reply to: Post Here – So We Know You’re In The CR #904247

    Goodnight to all the chosuva members of the yeshiva world CR! I am going to catch some zzz’s before I fall asleep on my computer!

    To ames-don’t worry I”yh I will be back posting tom.!


    in reply to: Places To Go On A Date #774373

    Ames-syriansephardi is correct- dmc’s are very serious and intense conversations.

    By the way i read somewhere that chazal say that eating brings closeness between peole so maybe thats why people go out to eat on dates.That is also why we have yayin nesech-we don’t want to get to close to the goyim…

    in reply to: Places To Go On A Date #774371

    starbucks,Terrace on the hudson, bowling

    I have a serious question-why on earth do boys take girls to hotels on the first date it is so uncomfortable.

    There is just something with after a long day of work and the lights are really low that makes me kind of sleepy.If someone MUUSSTT go to a hotel lounge and meet the world there at least take a walk or play a board game.To me Hotel dates are when things are getting serious and its DMC time.

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653732

    ames- Amen and the same to all who are waiting to cross kriyas yam suf!

    And ames I will always be your friend you don’t have to worry about that-

    I will try not to be MIA and i will IYH post whenever I can!

    in reply to: Poll: Support For Fairness Doctrine Drops #638333

    The Fairness Doctorine =Communinism.

    Saddam hussein censored what the people of Iraq put in their newspapers.All countries with dictators have some sort of “Fairness doctorine”.They don’t call it “the Fairness doctorine” they just say that if you write anything we don’t like or anything against our leader then you will be in for it!They have chopped people’s head off because of what they have written or produced in their media!

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    Yeshivish Driver’s License Application

    Boro Park DMV

    Please answer the following questions IN ENGLISH to the best of your ability.

    No yiddish responses.

    Last name*: ________________

    *if you go by your last name as your first name(ie, Goldberg) then write the other name.

    * If longer than 15 characters, shorten it already

    First name:____________ ben ___________

    [_] Chaim Yosef [_] Sarah Leah

    [_] Yosef Chaim [_] Racheli Leah

    [_] Yosef Chaim Yossie [_] Leah Leah

    [_] Menachem Mendel [_] Bracha Bina

    [_] Yizchak Isaac [_] Bina Bracha Tova

    [_] Dov Bear [_] Chava Nagila

    [_] Sid/Lou/Max [_] Sarah Rivka Rachel Leah

    Middle Name: _____ (If you have more than 5 middle names, leave blank)

    Hebrew Birthday ________

    Secular Birthday (‘summer’ is not an answer) _____

    Age: ____ (if unsure or don’t want kids/wife to know, leave blank or scribble)

    Names of connections you have at DMV/City Hall:

    _______ _______ ________

    _______ _______ ________

    Do you drive with a hat or shaitel on? _____

    Hat Size/Maker: ____/______

    While waiting at a red light, do you:

    ___ learn – if yes, what sefer/daf?_____

    ___adjust shaitel/ make-up

    ___daven (women only)

    ___ talk to your mother – if yes, what topic: (shopping, gossip, weddings, what to wear)

    ___ talk to your rebbe – if yes, what topic: (halachic shaiyla, relationship, money, halachos of dating and money, shul politics)

    Spouse’s Name: ______________________ bas________

    Shver’s Name/Address/Fax: __________________

    Shver’s occupation/ salary for you: __________________

    Rebbe’s Name: _______________________

    (Lenient) Rebbe’s Name: ___________________

    Yichus: ___________________ ______ _______ ______

    Yeshivos your learned by _______________ _____ _____ _____ (4 max)

    Award honors from shu/yeshiva: _________________ year______


    [_] Hocker (cellphones)[_] Diamonds (Belgium/Tel Aviv) [_] Accounting [_] Import/Export Wholesale [_] Rabbi/Teacher [_] Rebbetzin/Therapist [_] CEO (uknown industry) [_] Father-In-Law’s Biz [_] Social Work [_] Lawyer/Rabbi [_] Doctor

    [_] Son is a doctor

    Number of children living in household: ___

    Number of anacles living in Israel: ___

    Number of grandchildren living in household: ___

    Number of bochurim staying by you for the yeshiva_____

    Number of kiddushes sponsored by you (shalosh seudos included)____

    Education: 6,7,8 (Circle highest grade completed before going to learn full-time)

    If higher education what was your major?

    [_] 9th grade [_] 10th grade

    Do you [_] Own [_] Rent your mobile phone? What kind and how much do you pay per month______ /$_______

    ___ Total number of vehicles you own

    ___ Number of carpools your drive daily

    ___ Total number of vehicles you borrow from your neighbor to do errands before shabbos

    ___ Number of station wagons you have at the garage

    ___ Total number of convertibles you’ve rented when visiting a hot place (LA, Florida, Vegas) for a chasunah

    ___ Number of SUVs you own

    ___ Number of Uncle Moshe tapes you have in front seat

    ___ Number of Loshon Hora bumper stickers

    ___ Number of Golan bumper stickers

    ___ Number of times you’ve wanted to kill Kivi and Tooky

    ___ Number of Chus-Bus trips you take a week

    What camps did you goto (Mogen Av/Sternberg only.) ______ _______

    you will recieve further correspondence and discounts from our business partners/relatives? Yes? K, now take a number and wait online. have a good shabbos.Next.

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1172404

    A visit to the butcher

    -Top Ten Pirchei Avos at Work

    10. the work world stands on three “T” things: 1) timesheets 2) to-do lists 3) time-off

    9. Say little and email a lot.

    8. Do not work on the hopes of receiving a bonus. Let the fear of layoffs be upon you

    7. Let your office be a meeting room for the higher-ups. Sit in the back and drink their every word, then send out a conference report immediately after.

    6. Make for yourself a boss, take your coworker to lunch, and judge everyone towards merit

    5. Be like Human Resources, loving peace and pursuing peace

    4. How your boss takes credit: What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine.

    3. Do not judge your fellow until you are in his place….unless it’s his annual review.

    2. If not now, when? Sorry, it’s 5-o’clock will worry about it tomorrow.

    1. Who is a Wealthy Man? Check Forbes

    in reply to: Inspiring Quotes #1083780


    Moish- you got that right!( The 3 R’s-Reading,writing, and arithmatic)See how smart you are!

    in reply to: Laptops #638635

    while we are on the topic of technology -Does anybody know of any good cell phones and can any one give feedback as to which ones are good and to which ones are not ect..Thanks!

    in reply to: Short Dating Time #646364

    Joseph – you said “BasYisroel, It was said over that the Rebbe insisted on 2, while Rav Bick insisted on 8. (Not “at least 8-10″.)”

    Well my Rav told me it’s 8-10.8 or 10 is a big diffrence from 2 or 3 dates?

    The point is that a lot of Litvish Rabbonim and yes Gedolim have been advocating for longer dating time-not 2 or 3 dates!

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653731

    ames-I have been posting a lot last night but my posts were taking forever to get through.And what do you mean i cant do that- I can’t do what?All of those vorts were friends of mine.Prince Charming has not arrived on my front doorstep yet!

    in reply to: Post Here – So We Know You’re In The CR #904230

    Bas yisroel2 reporting 4 duty!

    in reply to: Inspiring Quotes #1083768

    “To the world you may only be a somebody but to somebody you may be the world”

    “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.”

    “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.”

    “The happiness of society is the end of government”

    “Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think”

    “Success is getting and achieving what you want. Happiness is wanting and being content with what you get”

    “The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another’s keeping “

    Now for some humourous quotes..

    “A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.”

    “The nice thing about egotists is that they don’t talk about other people”

    “All I ask is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy”

    “a polotician is like an air conditioner because it makes a lot of noise but doesn’t work very well”

    “The nice part of living in a small town is that when I don’t know what I’m doing, someone else does”

    “You know there is a problem with the education system when you realize that out of the 3 R’s only one begins with an R”

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653726

    thanks Mr. asdfghjkl Chairman sir for the warm welcome back!

    in reply to: Short Dating Time #646351

    Joseph said “BasYisroel,

    What I said is correct, despite the anecdotal stories you present.

    Btw, please advise which Gedolim insist on at least 8-10 dates. (If you’d like, I can advise which insist otherwise.) “-

    the Satmar Rav ZT”L complained to Rav Bick ZT”L who advocated a 10 date policy, Rav Bick said Satmar Rav, you deal with Shtarei Kesubah, I have to deal with Shtarei Gittin too

    in reply to: The “Come Back to the CR” thread #653722

    To my best friend ames: I’m back – sorry I just had 5 vorts to go to -not a joke, plus my proffesor has gone mad with all the reports that I have been given, and my computer has issues-I have windows vista which is constantly updating that i can’t even use it cause all it does is update but Baruch hashem it’s running for now and I have done my college work so I am back- I’ve missed the cr!

    in reply to: What we do for Shidduchim #660690

    Someone told me that a boy’s mother said no to a girl because the mother saw her on a hike WEARING A PONYTAIL!

    Lady get a grip-what would you like to wear high heels and a suit?!

    striving-I am so with you there-Whenever i go to vorts no body eats because”People are watching me” or I will “ruin my makeup”-how pathetic!

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