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    workingman and nameless, I don’t think the issue is the loss of the cleaning lady. It is the selfishness and thoughtlessness of the person who enticed the cleaning lady to leave her previous employer that is bothering frumcouple. I don’t think frumcouple would start a topic here if the cleaning lady had quit to move back to the dominican republic. Am I correct?

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    because not everyone in america has a gemara kup.

    many got caught up in with his inspiring speeches (which are all fluff and no substance). He knows how to rile up a crowd and make them think that if only he were elected all their problems would disappear. He doesn’t bother telling them how he would do that and they are apparently too stupid to ask.

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    I agree that there are many different levels of yirah and ahava and that very high levels of yirah and certainly of ahava are very difficult to achieve. But even if we know we may never get all the way there, we need to know what the goal is in order to accomplish even a smaller madreiga of anything.

    Please don’t feel the need to respond – I don’t mind at all if you want to drop this subject.

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    wow, you really put things in perspective in such a crystal clear way. I think that was the best post I’ve seen yet on YWN.

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    I agree with you 100%. However I just wanted to add that if a person’s actions are ONLY based on fear of punishment without a love of Hashem and his mitzvos then he will takeh, as bowzer said, freeze and be prevented from making any real change. On the other hand if fear is taken out of the equation and we only act on love of Hashem, then if we decide we’re not in the mood then we’ll stray. That’s where fear of punishment is needed.

    Correct me if I’m not quoting correctly: Asei me’ahava she’ain ha’ohev soneh, asei miyiroh she’ain hayoreh boi’et

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    Pashuteh Yid,

    an asifa against throwing acid will accomplish absolutely nothing. An asifa will help people who want to do the right thing and don’t realize they are straying. They will listen if rabbonim tell them to change. The acid throwers and other kooks in RBS are hooligans. They will not listen to to anyone who tells them their actions are wrong.

    FYI – I saw in last week’s Yated that the Toldos Aharon rebbe from Meah Shearim spoke out against those hooligans recently. He said that Reb Amram Blau’s kana’us and protests came from his yiras shomayim and ahavas yisroel. It hurt him to see other yidden doing an aveirah and therefore he felt the need to protest – lshem shomayim. However, he said that today’s protesters’ actions are derived from bad middos, not ahavas yisroel or yoras shomayim.

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    Pashute Yid,

    I highly doubt that artscroll story. They are smart enough not to copy from another source without attribution and permission. That would make them look foolish and possible open themselves up to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

    I haven’t looked inside an artscroll gemara to see if they do attribute to steinsalz because I don’t own an artscroll gemara, but I highly doubt they would have legitimized him by doing that.

    By the way do you own a large fleet of cars? I’ve been seeing a lot of bumper stickers lately with the phrase “I’m a pashuter yid” 😉

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    I feel for you. However have you spoken to your father directly about it (in a respectful way of course)? Maybe he never realized that it bothers you.

    Also, maybe he needs to take care of work related things on Sundays and doesn’t really have a choice.

    One thing I am 100% sure about is that you are waaaaay more important to him than his friends, his work and his cell phone. He may not show it but I’m sure its true.

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    Pashuteh Yid,

    rabbiofberlin reminded me that you left out an important requirement for joining the club – you gotta learn with Steinsaltz’s version of the talmud.

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    I find it hysterical that you are calling I can only try a basket case for googling your previous posts. You have many times quoted other people’s posts with links to them – making it seem that you keep a database or an index card file of everyone’s posts for future reference.

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    tvt is correct that making a living while at the same time being mekadesh shem shomayim can be a ticket to olam haboh.

    we do not believe as some other religions do that being involved in olam hazeh and investing in olam haboh are a contradiction. Olam Haboh can be earned by doing business honestly, making a kiddush hashem etc. as well as of course by sitting and shteiging in the bais medrash. Ask your rov/rosh yeshiva how much time you should be spending on each, but don’t view them as a stirah.

    I saw in one of the mussar seforim (I’m pretty sure it was the Alter fun Kelm) that asks how it could be that Hashem made the world in such a way that most people must spend most of their time making a living and not sitting and learning if the purpose of the world is to earn olam haboh.

    His answer, if I remember accurately, was that if we spend our day doing our best to earn a living and at the end of the day we still remember, and really believe, that our parnassa comes from shomayim and not from our work – despite the fact that our activities of the day contradict that belief – then that emunah is itself a key to olam haboh.

    I am not saying chas vshalom that kollel is not good. I am saying that if a person is advised by his rebbe to go out and make a living he should not feel that he is giving up his ruchniyus.

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    you have strong opinions about what is wrong with the system, however you have not offered your thoughts about an alternative solution. Being a teen yourself, you surely do have more insight into how most teens think, so I think it would be constructive if you could share some ideas on how to fix the problem. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Do you think YW should allow postings by people who think anyone who they disagree with is pro-freikeit (like edc)?

    Seriously, I too agree that many of the comments here are not al pi torah, but to call all those people pro-freikeit??? Mistaken maybe. But pro-freikeit?

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    who cares,

    my wife buys tznius clothes at non-frum stores for a fraction of the price of the frum stores. The drawback is that you need to spend more time going from store to store and looking through racks and racks of non-tzniusdik clothes till you find something, as opposed to going to a frum store where hopefully most of the stuff is ok. But don’t let your financial situation cause you to not dress tzniusdik.

    Try Fox’s clothing ( , or try the department stores (lord and taylor, macys etc) when they have sales.

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    keep it simple,

    you wrote that some women dress provocatively to tease men. I had never thought of that before. If indeed it happens I agree with you that it is a vicious thing to do. Do you know that it does really happen? Are you a woman who’s done this in the past? Or maybe any other women here can share with us if they or their friends really do that and why?

    are u referring to the article about the tznius and drinking issue at a shabbos morning kiddush?
    it hasn’t been removed – its at:

    When you come to the coffeeroom ( , you see a list of the most recent articles but this one is no longer on that list as its not so recent. To find it click on “out of the mailbag” under the “forums” heading near the bottom of the page.

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    It’s the school owners and their heirs who live the comfortable life with the latest leased cars; nicest homes; vacationing and traveling business/first class to Israel and elsewhere.


    How dare you generalize like that? There are plenty of school owners who work day and night without making much money (if any), and certainly without getting much thanks, and they do it l’shem shomayim for the sake of being mechanech your kids. And yes, I’m even talking about girls schools.

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    YW Editor,

    Just wanted to let you know that I think this coffee room is a great idea. It allows conversations to continue well beyond the day or 2 that stories remain on the first page or 2 of the main YWN sections.

    Keep up the great work and hatzlocho rabbo!

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    if you’re talking about Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky Shlita, you’re right. Many years ago, he personally tested my shaver on his arm to see how it cuts and said I can use it.

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Why I Hate Graduations) #620118

    willi, thanks for the correction.

    And to tie it in with your next post, I may not have remembered his name correctly, but at least i put in the effort! 🙂

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    This is another sad example of liberalism and the dont hurt anyone’s feelings epidemic that is sweeping our culture and the country


    Although I agree with Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives on most issues, people should remember that their views on many issues (such as this one) are contrary to the Torah.

    As someone pointed out in a previous posting a week or 2 ago, there is an issur deoraisah to make someone feel bad. Ona’as devorim.

    If you take your anti-liberal approach that hurting others feeling is ok, then I guess its also ok to make a yosom or an almonoh cry out to Hashem, ch”v. After all they should grow up and get used to it that life isn’t fair! ummm, the torah says clearly that this is abolutely false.

    Don’t get me wrong i’m not a liberal. Liberals take it waaaay tooo far to the extreme in the opposite direction. I just want to remind people that however much we may nod our heads in agreement with Rush and Mark Levine etc, we must remember that they aren’t da’as torah.

    Another issue where I think some of unzere absorb too much conservative ideology is with tzedoko. there have been several postings here on YW about tuition, paying bills etc where commenters have said something to the effect that nobody else is responsible for your financial problems. That its up to you to make it in life.

    The Torah clearly does not agree with this. Otherwise why is there is a mitzvah of tzedaka? And also do we really believe that our parnassa is in our own hands? As DovidKorngold would say KEFIRAH!!! AFRA LEPUMEI!!! 🙂

    Again I also don’t agree with the liberal approach that some beaurocrats should take from the rich and give to the poor and even out the playing field, because of all the corruption involved. But on an individual level we must feel for another yid’s financial problems and not take the Limbaugh line that its up to him to make it on his own.

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    I think chaya13 hit the nail on the head.

    All these comments that the overachievers deserve recognition for their hard work miss an important detail: The valedictorian is the one with the highest grades, not necessarily the one who worked the hardest.

    Do we really want to teach our kids that the result counts and not the effort? That the kid who spent 2 hours studying for the final and got a grade of 100% is more praiseworthy than the kid who is less gifted who spent 6 hours studying and got an 85%? And how about if the “overachieving 2 hour 100%” kid is a snob who has zero middos and the “6 hour 80 percenter” has the greatest middos?

    Its not about eliminating awards to make sure the lazy kid who played hooky doesn’t feel bad. Its about what priorities whe’re teaching our kids.

    To all the people who say that men shouldn’t look and should worry about their own bein odom lachaveiro,

    this IS a bein odom lachaveiro issue as well as a mitzvah.

    Of course men shouldn’t look, but some men find it extremely hard not to.

    if your brother was a recovering alcoholic would you place a bottle of whiskey in from of him and tell him not to look?

    If your brother is trying to lose weight would you put his favorite cake in front of him and tell him not to look?

    So if some of your yiddishe brothers will be in shul/at the wedding/in the supermarket and they have a VERY hard time not looking, why tempt them this way? Should they avoid looking? Of course they should! But many men have very strong yetzer horas which require superhuman strength to overcome! Why do you want to make it so difficult for them not to succumb?

    The examples mdlevine gave are soooo on the mark.

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