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    Its not coming soon, its already here in the same post from AZ that you cut and pasted from. But its not exactly buy one get one free, instead its buy 2 get one on credit.

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    and I was naive enough to believe it when you said zeeskite was a concept, not a person.

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    I assume you’re an adult and therefore smart enough not to accept invites or emails from your CR “friends”. However unfortunately many teens do get confused between online friends and real ones and would ch”v accept such an invite. Especially if the stalker built up a reputation online as being a caring, kind person who can be trusted.

    My concern is about teen safety, I realize that most adults know enough to watch their own backs.

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    and you are comfortable being in a place where someone is sick enough to claim to be a Kletzky so others should trust him to let down their guard?

    and btw, just to answer those who wondered why its a big deal if he falsely claimed to be a kletzy, you gotta take it in context. Jothar brought up Leiby as the reason why he’s so concerned about child predators. AYC responded that he’s a Kletzky to downplay the vigilance which Jothar was urging.


    Just to make it clear again:

    I have nothing personal against anybody. I’m just trying to stop cybercrime. As a father, the death of Leiby kletzky hit me hard. So when I spotted what looked like cybercrime, I had to react. The innocent kids (and adults) of the CR deserve nothing less.

    AYC’s response:

    And LEIBY a”h had Nothing to do with the internet. I AM a Kletzky. I’ve been affected by this summer in a very personal way and am still reeling from the loss. As well as other losses. (Btw, his great-grandfather whom he was named after used to say quite often that the only regret he has from surviving the war was that he was unable to die al kiddush Hashem…)

    And I still believe that one should be cautious but not paranoid.

    The hypervigilance is not healthy for anyone.

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    I’ve been extremely busy lately so haven’t had time to read all the posts here but I got the jist of what’s been happening with AYC’s account being blocked.

    A few things I want to point out:

    1. I don’t understand why people assume that someone who posts thoughtful considerate and kind posts can’t be a stalker. Do you think stalkers and molesters look like monsters? They can be people who seem like the sweetest nicest people on earth, meaning that you need to ALWAYS be careful, even when dealing with super nice people. I am not talking specifically about AYC – I just mean that the general attitude that nice strangers can be trusted not to be stalkers troubles me.

    2. IMHO the fixation on Joseph and AYC is misplaced. Even if they are both innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and even if Joseph plays his games out of boredom but wouldn’t hurt a fly, there could very well be other molesters/stalkers who use this site. Personal info should be kept private regardless of the status of these 2 people.

    3. Being dan lekaf zchus does NOT mean that we should endanger minors until someone is PROVEN to be a stalker. If there is reasonable doubt, they should be blocked. That’s why I credit the mods for blocking AYC’s account as a precaution and I don’t understand those who complain that the mods should have been dan lekaf zchus and left it open. Would you let your kids go to the home of someone about whom there is reasonable doubt of his being a creep but no solid proof? With AYC there seems to be reasonable doubt and until he/she can give satisfactory answers the mods did great work.

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    at your service squeak!

    snopes says its not true.

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    umm, peerimsameach, I think you responded using the wrong screen name.

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    3s = 4s-22

    -4s -4s


    -s = -22


    Got it?

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    but seriously, the best way, although it aint easy, is to remember that its all in Hashem’s hands and you can only do what you can do but Hashem will bring the outcome that’s best for you. Hatzlacha!

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    wanderingchana, LOL!! You’ll be let off the hook this time but make sure to do your math homework tomorrow!

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    jewelry store, huh? You think that’l get me out of snoopy’s dog house? great idea!

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    Maybe people should turn their thunk on before operating mouth.

    Zeeskite, great line! And so true!

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    unfortunately I’ve seen this too. Sometimes young speakers seem to be focused more on getting laughs from the audience than about being mesameach chasan and its not always a crying wolf scenario. I was at one ofruf (spelling?) where the choson was terrified after a speech that his new shver-to-be will have misgivings about the shidduch. All his chesronos were exaggerated to make the speech funny but it made the chasan sound like an idiot.

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    naaaah. I didn’t have enough bourbon or fermented plum juice to get me to do all that stuff. Besides, I have a dishwasher to do all that work…her name is Mrs. Charlie Brown.

    <ducking before being flamed by the feminists>

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    Do I get an aveira every time I read the slanderous heading?

    if you realize that almost nothing that Popa posts is meant seriously then the answer would be no. Click his CN next to his post above and you’ll see what I mean.

    As far as I know, he has only posted 2 serious posts so far since joining the CR and he’s done teshuva for one of them.

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    I know its a good question. But whats the answer? 🙂

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    ayc, please see my response on the other thread.

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    …when your kids ask you if they had (phones/cars/planes…) when you were a kid…

    ….when the answer to that question is “No”.

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    I don’t usually sit down for davening at all. Or use a siddur.

    I basically use a siddur only for:

    A. long tachanun.

    B. rosh hashana mussaf

    C. Yom kippur

    D. yontiff mussaf (the korbanos)

    E. borchi nafshi

    F. rosh chodesh mussaf (what, I don’t know it.)

    you have to daven mussaf even if you bring a korban mussaf? I thought it was a replacement for the korban!

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    yitayningwat – did anyone come up with pshat in that acharon? Which acharon was it?

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    yesterday I wrote above

    ….when going to sleep at 11 PM doesn’t seem like a crazy thing to do.

    So why in the world am I posting here at 1:15 AM????

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    I misread the heading of this thread and thought it said blazing, not blaring…that would have been a sure sign its Popa’s…although blaring headings are usually his too.

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    thx AYC!

    in reply to: The Riddle Thread…. #1069782


    in reply to: Are Women Really Jewish? #1065076

    Happy now?

    ha! I posted on one of the threads that you started tonight that the real Popa threads are back! I hadn’t seen this at the time.

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    Everyone talking about stirring coffee with their glasses is making me feel left out. In my yeshiva we always poured it from one cup to another instead. Guess the yeshiva had a different minhag.

    we must have gone to the same yeshiva, itche. oops, did I just blow my identity? 🙂

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    where are squeak and ICOT?

    in reply to: 11-11-11-11-11-11 #827697

    yossi – I stand (or actually sit) corrected! Thanks!

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    Popa – what I said the other day about your threads not being as good as they had been a few months ago….I now rescind that… you’re on a roll tonight! keep it up!

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    ….when you need to look at the Yated on friday night to see what parsha it is this week.

    ….when you start caring about cholesterol instead of thinking that only health nuts do that.

    ….when going to sleep at 11 PM doesn’t seem like a crazy thing to do.

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    Because they have a bris.

    The bris was while they were still goyim. How does that help them become a ger later on?

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    these are goyishe dates which should have no meaning to us. For us its 2/14/5772 today. Yes, we need to use the christian date for financial transactions etc. but to give it any significance is not right.

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    based on the logic of your OP it would seem that baby boys until they are a few years old and capable of doing mitzvos are not jewish either. Why don’t they need geirus?

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    please ignore this post. It is a random response to a random thread.

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    All my threads are like this. You just don’t even realize it anymore.

    they’re all funny but something about this one was just a cut above!

    in reply to: Lying on YWN #1105320

    onegoal, I pointed that out too here:

    I posted that before I saw your post here.

    It’s hysterical that the mods did that!

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    anyone else remember ->this<- thread?

    in reply to: heavy topic #825398

    off topic but there are 2 consecutive posts on this thread which feature something I’ve never seen before. A poster with no screen name and no subtitle and a poster with an email address as his/her screen name. I thought email addresses weren’t allowed here.

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    what right do you have to hang out in Starbucks? Only Popa can do that!

    in reply to: You know you spend too much time in the CR when #1197309

    (For the record, I never did that!)

    and you really think anyone believes that? 🙂

    in reply to: Math Question #826362

    Thank you, charlie brown. It was quite uncomfortable being the sole unpopular opinion here.

    You’re very welcome.

    (At least I wasn’t berated for it…guess I’m not over that other experience yet, sigh)

    You’re lucky its bein hazmanim otherwise Bar Shatya may have called you a dolt!

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    There are about 3.5 Billion women in the world and most are not Jewish so I think we can use a Rov to pasken that women are not Jewish.

    –Mod 42

    I don’t get it. If most of the women in the world are not jewish, why do you need a rabbi to pasken that women aren’t jewish?

    (just kidding. I’m not really THAT dense).

    Also, thanks for reviving this hilarious thread. I missed it the first time around.


    its been a while since you started a thread like this, what’s pshat?

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    wandering, just for that your punishment is that you have 3 minutes to figure out the circumference of a circle with a diameter or 4″


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    bpt it depends if you’re a half full or half empty kinda guy. “from time to time” is better than never but not as good as always.

    speaking of half full vs half empty, I hope no one who’s fully empty up there will take me seriously and make fish choices an important issue. Uh Oh.

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    AYC is correct, the rest of us who wrote distributive are wrong.

    in reply to: Math Question #826346

    I believe its the distributive property. .5A + .5B = .5(A+B)

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    oh great. now i’m gonna have an even harder time shidduch. not only am i short, have a few pounds to lose, not 19 anymore, likes to wear flats on occasion, i also have hazel eyes. i guess brains dont count anymore. oh well (grand sigh as i go to sulk in the corner) (this post is dripping with sarcasm if you didn’t catch it earlier)

    -taking a break

    that got me thinking. NASI should change their game changer to raise the price not just based on age but other factors as well. Should a 27 year old with blue eyes be the same price as a 27 year old with brown eyes? After all the shadchan needs to work harder for the brown eyed girl, right? Or should a 30 year old who sometimes wear flats be equal to a 30 year old who doesn’t? That makes no sense! All these things need to be considered to get a final price…including plastic vs real tablecloths, stacking dishes in the dining room vs in the kitchen, salmon vs gefilte fish etc…the resulting price list needs to be compiled by competent actuaries and should be no less complex than the tax code.

    (taking a break’s sarcasm dripped into this post. I am NOT serious).

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    why would it be geneivas daas? its not like they’re contacts which make your eyes appear a different color than they actually are…in this case they’re actually blue now for real.

    whether someone who will make a shidduch decision based on eye color needs help desperately…well thats another story.

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    I decided that today will be the day I tackle procrastination. As soon as I’m done going thru all the other threads in the CR that is.

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    gimme a break, pba! you didn’t go for another blazing refill 61 minutes after that conversation?!?

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