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    to you too, squeak! looong time no speak! (and long time no small talk either!)

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    ahhh, them good ol’ days…

    a few others:



    moderator-72 (still looking for donuts and coffee without sugar)

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    squeak – popa has been known to be get thrown off the daf yomi schedule for short periods of time. See this thread: >>I hate you all, you big fat jerks<<

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    coffee – was the shliach tzibur a shifcha kena’anis by any chance?

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    popa – we had you fooled for so long, how did you suddenly figure it out?

    btw, this thread got me thinking. I wonder if I’m really a big fat jerk and my whole life people have been pretending I’m not in order to be nice to me…

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    there is a moshol – I think its in the Shaarei Teshiva L’Rabeinu Yona – if someone were to tell a king “I will listen to everything you ask of me and follow all your rules – except for one which makes no sense to me,” how will the king react? Will he consider him a loyal subject because he keeps 99% of the rules or will he throw him in jail for daring to suggest that he gets to decide which of the king’s rules make enough sense to be kept.

    None of us are perfect but at least we strive for perfection and understand that what we dont do right is our own shortcoming. But when we make a movement which says 95% of the Torah should be kept but the rest is outdated…that is very far from torah judaism.

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    can we get the YW editor to write the forward?

    How can you get the editor of this website to become the writer of a non frum newspaper? And what does that have to do with a CR yearbook?

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    trying to kick the football only to have Lucy pull it away again! Good Grief!

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    and it therefore seems elementary, my dear watson, that DY’s grandmother is James Bond, hiding in plain sight as mod-73.

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    I think Popa is the speaker and he started the kiddush club (which he can’t attend because he’s too busy speaking) to disrespect himself. He is a mighty big anav, you see.

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    squeak – absolutely one of the best ever here! (BTW, great to “see” you!).

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    only 13% of girls … go to seminary

    Seems like popa and his brothers will be real busy.

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    in reply to: Where to start becoming Jewish when family roots discovered #991062


    My pleasure! I hope the suggestions you’ve gotten here are helpful in your search!

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    I salute you for wanting to find out more about your roots and wanting to grow in your knowledge about judaism.

    I would highly recommend In addition to a tremendous collection of articles about judaism, there is an “ask the rabbi” feature where you can ask an authentic rabbi any questions you have and get an authentic answer.

    I would also recommend a visit to where you can look for an opportunity to spend a Shabbat with a jewish family. Nothing else can come close to experiencing judaism in real life! (And maybe you can share your aunt’s kugel recipe with your hostess! 🙂 )

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    wolf, tell them you’re an undocumented immigrant. That should get them to let you vote despite your conviction.

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    easy to spot me there. Just look for the 8 year old with a zig zag sweater.

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    syag, of course you got the joke, I never doubted you would with your keen wit and intellect (unsolicited compliment for ya as per your request last week).

    I was referring to most of the previous posters on this thread (other than Goq, yekke and on the ball) who were criticizing him for valuing looks over hashkafos. (I suppose I should be dan lkaf zchus that they got the joke but were trying to out-troll the troll).

    popa – you were sitting next to him teaching him how to start a popa troll thread? Can I join this course?

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    Bar Shattya – I was rolling from your OP. Deserves post of the century award for the irony and wit it contains. Its a shame it went over most people’s heads though, or as areivim would say, it went 747. (areivim, if you’re lurking was that shout out enough to get you to come visit?)

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    moskidoodle, syag and shticky:

    Woa!!! Speaking of ego boosters!!! Thanks!!!

    (Gumball – sorry for stealing a few of your exclamation points)

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    syag, anytime you need a compliment please type what the compliment should be and I’ll gladly copy and paste it into a new post. 🙂


    why carvel and not popa’s favorite joint – Starbucks?

    also can’t you eat virtual milchigs even if you already had virtual hamburgers? I’m sure popa can come up with a troll thread permitting it.

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    in reply to: Who Are The Most Influential Posters? #1073300

    great big shout out for syag!!!! (I really do enjoy your posts when I get around to visiting this place, which is rare these days).

    Shticky, I was TOTALLY kidding but thanks for the kind words. You’ve got ego boosting talent so I hereby proclaim you to be the new official ego booster of the CR, now that I’m never around anymore.

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    I was about to compliment you about how you remember every poster that ever posted here. Then I realized you didn’t.


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    bpt – I assume you’re kidding but in case a 17 yo does not realize that….Quite dumb to take a room under the name of a random 21 yo stranger in the lobby. That stranger can get a key card from the front desk and enter the room at any time w/o permission, stealing from and/or assaulting the 17 yo.

    Toi and Think First are correct.

    btw, do these 17 year olds have parents???

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    shticky and 42, thanks for the welcome back.

    I’m not here much anymore because a strange thing happened to me at work: I actually have tons of work to do and have no time to post anymore! Chutzpa of my boss to expect me to spend the whole day working, no? But I do lurk once in a while though.

    ego boost, huh? I think if we throw a huge cranniversary party and baal habooze brings some of his stuff, shticky will forget his problems and won’t need an ego boost.

    Hey, did I just talk myself out of a job? Oops!

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    when you win, please contact me. I know a Nigerian prince who can make you really really rich if you’ll invest a cool hundred million or so with him.

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    was hoping to bait out some oldies who are the only ones who could comment about bygone years. Thank goodness some of them have bitten. Lets see if any others do.

    Shticky, I’ll take the bait. But I’m not quite as old as you. I just looked at my profile and you beat me by about 4 months.

    in reply to: The other singles crisis! #862840

    in the spirit of many CR threads where any random issue is often woven into one‘s agenda and preconceived notions without much logic, I declare that the single sock crisis is completely the fault of <name of a group you are not affiliated with*>

    *some suggestions: the chasidim, the yeshivish, the MO, kollelniks, anti-kollelniks, brooklynites, out of towners, the rich, the poor, the middle class, the CR posters, the CR lurkers, the trolls, Popa etc.

    (Sorry Popa, I just couldn’t resist).

    in reply to: Crowdsourcing dating #914336

    popa, I had to come out of the bunker to congratulate you on the funniest troll thread you’ve started in a while. But I’m disappointed that you claimed in the OP that a friend did this instead of saying you did it. You can’t take the heat anymore when people think you did something dolty?

    back to the Starbucks bunker….

    in reply to: Health insurance for large families with decent income #850591

    tina18 – check the insurance plans available from Freelancers Union.

    Google “freelancers union insurance” check on their website if you are eligible to join (if you’re self employed or a 1099 contractor etc). They have some decent health and dental plans.

    in reply to: Driving With Popa #928964

    Genius. Ul’ta’ameich just take a bus anywhere you need to go, and you never have to pay tolls while traveling.

    even better, take a helicopter. No tolls and much faster than a bus.

    in reply to: How Popa vanquished the Chicago people #838643

    under the OP it says 1 day ago. Umm, why hallel and done? What happened to mussaf? I know its not yontiff but does popa not believe in rosh chodesh?

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    in reply to: 300,000 Comments In The Coffee Room #1139302

    There are many references to the subject in the CR, but no actual conversations about it. A few posters make references in random places and that’s it.

    curiosity killed the cat and you’re not willing or able to kill the curiosity, huh?

    You clearly have forgotten that I can communicate with dolphins.

    I know you can communicate with them but in this case you said you didn’t understand them. (assuming you meant the royal “we”).

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    I just don’t think people should be publicly blasting this project simply because they don’t know who it is.


    They’re not anonymous to anyone who does even a bit of research.

    For the record, I don’t know who they are and tehrefore have nothing against them personally. However I am not blasting them simply because I don’t know who it is…it’s the other way around. If the name of the head of the organization was made public and he/she had personal credibility then I would maybe ask less questions. Now that there is nobody openly standing behind the organization I don’t see any reason to trust them.

    Your posts on other topics have given me the impression that you’re a talmid chacham. Is there an inyan of being dan lekaf zechus a nameless anonymous organization? I would think not.

    Fine print? There was a contract?

    I happen to agree that not paying shadchanim from the previous initiative is bad PR for this one, but they are totally different. The first one had NASI paying from their own (fund-raised) money, which they ran out of.

    This one is entrusting them with private money put in escrow.

    I didn’t mean literally fine print on a contact. I meant that people trusted NASI’s ads that they would pay but somewhere along the way there were conditions that allowed them off the hook. It makes people want to ask every possible question this time around and not make any assumptions.

    My examples may have been bad examples, but the point I was trying to make is that you have to admit that there will be cases where there will be disputes, if not in the cases I mentioned then in some other cases. AZ mentioned that they have dayanim for arbitration, but at that point the girl or her parents are trying to get money back that is no longer in escrow so the burden of proof is on them, not on NASI. There do not seem to be any safeguards preventing the money from being removed from escrow prior to resolving the dispute.

    in reply to: If you've read "NASI Project Responds", have you changed your mind? #847981


    CB: Arbitrators are in the contract, signers will be available to any of the girls who ask.

    why are signers not in the contract? Can NASI add and remove signers at will?

    CB: perhaps you failed to read the item 1. of the earlier post that a well known respected and reputable firm is putting their name behind the audit and security of the money and making the books available. I would think that that should be a fairly good way to assuage any questions wouldn’t you? I actually think that’s even better then putting name(s) of R”Y on letterhead who in all likelyhood in most organizations don’t analyze and review every check written and every deposit made.

    firstly, I don’t think the accounting firm will get involved in disputes about whether a shadchan made a shidduch or not. They will only ensure that the money isn’t outright stolen and used for trips to atantic city or the like. I applaud that this oversight has been established though.

    However I don’t understand how the letterhead bit fits with the point you made earlier that 3. Withdrawals from the fund will require two signatures, one from a list of administrative personnel, Group A, and one from Group B, which consists of a few well known Roshei Yeshiva. That statement was definitely meant to convey a sense of security to girls and their parents. Are the anonymous roshei yeshiva merely figureheads who will rubber stamp each check or will they actually be involved in determining whether the money should be paid? You can’t have it both ways.

    And you still haven’t answered why the names of these roshei yeshiva are a secret, especially after promising transparency…

    CB: I think NASI would also urge eveyone who considers joining to read everything clearly and make sure they are 100% comfortable with the way things are being run.

    We found something we agree on! 🙂

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    DaasYochid, i saw it on the wall above someone’s desk years ago but its very possible he clipped it from the far side. It’s his type of humor.

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    I’m glad these issues are addressed in the contracts. I would just urge anyone and everyone to bring a lawyer along to read all the fine print before handing over a check. And to find out who the signing roshei yeshiva are and who the arbitrating dayanim are. Are the names of these 2 groups of rabbonim given to girls before a check is given to NASI? Are the names in the contract?

    in reply to: If you've read "NASI Project Responds", have you changed your mind? #847961


    I agree I’m being cynical. When an anonymous organization, supposedly standing behind anonymous roshei yeshiva, expects people to trust them with thousands of dollars, it invites cynicism. And if it can’t stand up to scrutiny then something definitely seems rotten.

    With all the promises of transparency, the best they can say is that a known rosh yeshiva will authorize all payments? Why no names?

    People here have mentioned being stiffed in the past by NASI. The response has basically been that they didn’t read the fine print. Now that people are reading the fine print and asking questions, they are being ridiculed and called cynics!

    In Example 1, I was mainly questioning whether NASI is entitled to the money. (Although I think its fair to ask if the shadchan should be getting the big bucks rather than normal shadchanus).

    In example 2, I didn’t say its unprovable. But being provable won’t help if you signed on the dotted line that the anonymous NASI organization and an unnamed rosh yeshiva decide if they get the money or not.

    in reply to: If you've read "NASI Project Responds", have you changed your mind? #847958

    How many girls have signed up? Is the public allowed to know in order to decide whether to join?

    –AZOI.IS maybe try contacting them and asking them. That’s a novel idea.


    nice! ridicule someone for asking an inconvenient question instead of just answering it! (There is btw, a very valid reason for one to ask the question – the first 500 are supposedly free, someone may want to know if those 500 slots are used up already.)

    in reply to: 300,000 Comments In The Coffee Room #1139295

    charliebrown – i guess you’ve stuck more to peanuts and weren’t that interested in hitchhiking around galaxies.

    mice and dolphins hitchhiking around galaxies? wow! why do they have all the interesting threads when I’m absent?

    in reply to: If you've read "NASI Project Responds", have you changed your mind? #847957

    squeak, the steamrolling may still be going on!

    3. Withdrawals from the fund will require two signatures, one from a list of administrative personnel, Group A, and one from Group B, which consists of a few well known Roshei Yeshiva.

    people are supposed to entrust money into the hands of a few “well known Roshei Yeshiva” without knowing who they are? I thought this thing was supposed to be transparent?

    5. The following language (or its equivalent) will appear in the contract between NASI and each individual participant:

    Withdrawals from NASI Shadchan fund will be permitted only for the following purposes:

    A. To pass money along to a shadchan after the wedding in the event of a completed shidduch .

    B. To pass along $500 administrative fee to NASI after the wedding in event of completed shidduch.

    who decides if NASI facilititated the shidduch or not?

    Example 1: Supposing a girl had already been working with a shadchan prior to signing up for NASI and that shadchan subsequently redd her a shidduch and she gets married. Does NASI get to keep the $500 for doing nothing in this case and is the shadchan entitled to the fee?

    Example 2: A girl signs up for NASI and then someone who is not a NASI registered shadchan sets her up with someone and she gets married. A NASI registered shadchan, drooling over that cash, claims he redt the shidduch. What stops NASI from siding with him so they can pocket the $500? Oh, right! An unnamed well known rosh yeshiva will stop them!

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    apparently they are pan-dimensional beings who took on that form in order to run experiments on the human race

    lol. I once saw a picture of a giant mouse sitting in front of a computer…using a human as his pointing device.

    it looks like a I missed an interesting conversation on some other thread where mod42 discussed something about evacuated dolphins… Anyone care to post a link?

    oh, and squeak, how do you know what the dolphins were trying to tell us if “we didn’t understand”?

    in reply to: Separate Times For Bochurim & Sem Girls In Gateshead #1029628

    Having never been to England, is there a difference between Gateshead and Golders Green? Are they near each other?

    they are about as near each other as new york and new hampshire are.

    in reply to: I'm on 13th Ave. #833546

    I’d like to give him a peice of my mind (if I can spare it!) address please?

    Aren’t you the one who purchased Sender Av’s mind on ebay or am I confusing you with another poster? If it was you, you should be able to spare some now that you have 2.

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    after all this time I’d expect you to know that my name is charlie not charile! Good Grief!

    the double nickel mod hasn’t been around lately and neither have you. hmmmm. you sure you’re kidding? 🙂

    ahh, I thought those were random numbers, never realized they’re sequential. its good binary isn’t common – imagine how long the URL’s would be!

    I’m deeply offended that you say I’m dumber than a mouse. It is very interesting though. I never knew that they’re smart.

    in reply to: females drinking #834152

    there are guys who will pass on dessert?

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